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It is a bitter truth that many marketing agencies possess a nasty reputation. Specifically, finding organic SEO services India is not as easy as it sound. Every other SEO company claims to possess a Secret Recipe of SEO and produce faster Page 1 ranking than another. In a market where every service provider sounds just like another, how are you supposed to filter the performers from the Sayers?

Concluding a top SEO services provider could be quite confusing for many. However, if you look at the core principle and SEO ethics of XplorMedia, it will be crystal clear to you what makes many of the international, well-established business bodies choose us to handle their SEO task. Our core principles are the pillars that XplorMedia is among the best SEO companies in India serving many local and abroad clients. Our prime focus is gaining better search results naturally with no black-hat practices. While we maintain the worldly service, we also make sure our service cost should not slip beyond client’s afford. Some individuals raised question to us, “SEO seems quite a piece of cake, why do I need your assistance?” On this context, our word is if you have enough time and determination to make errors along the way for stimulating your SEO craft, honestly, it better you do the SEO practice all by yourself.

Nevertheless, if you are among the individuals or business firms willing to take advantage of utilizing experts crafting on SEO and looking for a reliable partner on it, we are always to work with you. Our SEO approach revolves around the factors which will work and which does not. XplorMedia is leading SEO services provider who has a team of 126 professionals and more than 8 years of experience on digital marketing. We don’t believe in any cookie cutter plan and nor any guessing strategies. XplorMedia will execute the effective & best SEO services strategy the way it should be. On top of that, we serve free digital marketing help to all Indian Army Personals those are willing to serve for the nation.

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Why Choose Us Over Other SEO Service Providers

XplorMedia is a digital marketing company Delhi. It was established back in 2011 and now roars among the top SEO agencies in India. Over the years of working, we have achieved goals that our clients dreamt of. Currently, we have 126 members of SEO experts working under the same roof. We offer affordable SEO service packages for businesses of all shape and sizes. We are widely acclaimed for guaranteed SEO services India within a specified period of time. XplorMedia is appreciated by a handful of satisfied local and national customers. We are international SEO experts and there reasons to why you should choose us over other SEO companies.

XplorMedia weave goals for each unique project, fabricates power plans, and effective strategies to achieve these goals within a given time frame. After attempting a thorough SEO audit on client’s business and offering, we map out a plan that is tailored accordingly. Through a SWOT analysis, we will spotlight the strength, weakness, drawbacks, and opportunities of every project. Our main task is to generate the most result by implementing a perfect strategy. Every possible obstacles and challenges are taken into account.

XploreMedia utilizes all possible ways and techniques to bring out a positive result for a long run. Placing our client’s website contents in top ten ranks of all the major search engine results and making it stable is our ultimate goal. We stand out in the crowd for producing a stable SEO result effective for a long duration.

We guarantee is higher ROI to our clients. As you pour your hard-earned money in your SEO project, we make sure your virtual presence is stretch and expanded for years to come. Improving your website visibility is directly proportional to the return on investment. XplorMedia ensures that your all target keywords are ranked and overall site authority is gained in no time.

Transparency is another most important feature every reliable SEO agency should bring on the table. This is a fact that transparency is the key note of building trust with our SEO clients. Therefore, we keep our clients updated with every efforts, progress and SEO results. Our link building reports are shown through a crystal update so that our clients can track on which aspect we have worked for improving search engine ranking.

Every good thing has a price. We also value your hard earned money being invested. Cost effectiveness is important and we make sure that our affordable SEO service may reach to all individual and companies. Regardless of required SEO service, you always look after our clients, and charge responsibly.

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How Do I Find SEO Services

Not every SEO services company are same. Each of them comes with their own characteristics, although a few might seem similar to other. Most importantly, one should seek for the company that shows subtle experiences. There is no certain education or certification that could signify the chances of digital marketing success. But, when a company is proficient with SEO code of ethic and does not practice any sort of black-hat strategy to gain quick result, you can sit-back to relax and wait for a positive result within a suitable amount of time.

The next important part of any seo company is to stay updated with any latest changes in SEO. Search engines are tend to tweak with new things and are evolving over the time. Thus, they come up with new algorithms which are not supposed to favour any old SEO strategy. Any professional SEO company will always keep up with every little changes brought in search engines to ensure a positive impact throughout their job. Flexibility in the SEO strategy plays a big role in making things work.

Another most important point to keep in check-list is the user references. No matter how long an SEO agency is in the business, if their sole purpose isn’t bound to customer satisfaction, you cannot rely on them. You are suggested to pick SEO consultant that has quite a list of satisfactory testimonials for their service. Apart from agencies, you might want to look out for individual SEO freelancers, but freelancing consists of some drawbacks when it comes to managing big projects.

Who We Are?

XplorMedia SEO services are one of a kind to the market with verifiable outcome. Our SEO consultant team has a reputation of improving search engine ranking of websites/web-pages with On and Off-Page SEO tactics. Being one of the best SEO companies in India, we provide online marketing services in and abroad India. We have gained skills of better SEO tactics from over 8 years of marketing experiences. Our highly qualified SEO consultants will constantly manage all sorts of your digital marketing and SEO requirements.

We understand that content quality is crucial in order to improve SEO in entire website. Our professional SEO team will take care of all the drawbacks on your content through a perfect On-Site SEO tactic. We have expert professionals specific area oriented. Every aspect of digital marketing will be managed by experts who are specialized on that specific area. This is an effective digital marketing strategy we have applied to serve hundreds of clients worldwide. Our Delhi-based SEO Company will choose every possible strategy that should meet the best ranking result irrespective of the client’s requirements.

We believe in a systematic method to engage in any kind of digital marketing or SEO practices. With comprehensive SEO techniques, team XplorMedia leaves significant impact on polishing your online presence for a better business profit. With each SEO campaign, we provide a solid report to follow the progress while a natural search ranking is our prime goal. Different websites has different architecture in it and no single SEO tactic will work on all nature of websites. XplorMedia tailors each SEO campaign to suit with the shape and size of your website, so its ultimate SEO goal.

It’s quite easy to talk about it, however it took us years of practice, failures and dedication to achieve the foundation. This day, we are confident enough to work on all kind of needing SEO campaign and provide a reasonable result. So, as you are looking for a quality & Top SEO service in India, feel comfortable to talk with our XplorMedia SEO consultant. We come with solid track record of SEO success and deliver a profitable return of investment.

Our core principles of SEO practice dwells in following aspects –

  • Conducting search engine crawling and indexing through a proper site structure
  • Enhancing and frequently updating quality relevant contents
  • Comprehensive link-building campaigns to targeted fields
  • Ethical SEO programs to eliminate risks of search engine penalties

What Should I Ask An SEO Service Provider Company?

We understand that SEO service plays an important role in making or breaking your business. When you opt to outsource SEO experts for a business, certainly you wish to be sure of best result out of it. If you are new to the game and approaching SEO provider isn’t familiar to you, you should not take any risk of loss. Hiring the wrong SEO service provider will set you back and harm your business heavily. So, how are you supposed to assure that your business’ SEO action is in a safe hand?

Well, here are the most important questions you should ask a Search Engine Optimization Company before hiring them.

Backlinks decides your Domain Authority and Page Authority. It is the foundation of Google’s search algorithm. To rank better than your competitors, your backlink strategy should be a priority. You should ask your SEO service provider for backlink profiles to see if they are legit.

This is tricky. If an SEO agency guarantees you with Google ranking within one or two months, know that is a trap.

Google carefully checks the user experience on your website. You should hire professional SEO India services that will be dedicated to improve your content quantity through On-Page SEO practices.

If your business is potential for a local audience, you should give priority to that certain local customers and optimize your site accordingly. Know what possible local SEO strategy they will be performing for you.

Keyword research is a basic strategy of SEO and is one of the most important of them. The most popular keywords with higher such volumes should be used in your contents as well as in the Homepage. With that being said, the competition of the keywords is also taken in account.

This is another question that relates to up to date SEO strategy. While your hired SEO expert should be aware of the latest Google search algorithm, they should also know of what is in the trend of search engine optimization that works. After all, you are about to compete in your market.

Experience sharpens skills. No matter how skillful someone is, if the skill is not used frequently and for long, it won’t be able to tackle an experienced professional’s skill. In short, experience does matter.

One of the primary things you should expect from the best SEO agency in India is initial site audit. This is the small task that will help your to-be-hired SEO Company understand of your business and the required SEO strategies. You should not be charged for such initial site audit and if any company ask payment for it, may they aren’t professional enough. If you want to get reliable SEO service then contact us.

Why Professional SEO Services Is Important?

SEO service is important in terms of engaging more traffic to your site, targeted leads, and ultimately increasing sales. XplorMedia has been in business over 8 years now. As a leading search engine marketing service, we are dedicated to help your website gaining online visibility and produce best ROI. With the fast-growing virtual opportunities many online businesses are finding it very imperative prospect to enhance their virtual presence. Regardless to mention, in this digital era a notable virtual appearance has proved to be game changer for acquiring organic customers and increasing sales. If your business is all set to compete with significant firms in the virtual field but lacks of some effective and quality SEO strategies for your ultimate venture, you are really missing out the dreamy opportunities that would have maximized your annual turnover.

To make an existence of your business on internet, the first step to take is build a website. Following that, second thing one should do to be seen on the search engine first page is ranking on top. Between the website building and ranking aspects, there are some organised steps taken in terms of SEO, also called SEO. You might have created great contents on your site or offered quality product through your online shops. But there’s no use of all that unless your viewers and buyers find out your content or product. No matter how great your website and its contents are, if they don’t reach to the viewers and customers, there would be no one to admire it. Your hard work would simply go in vain if it doesn’t receive the recognition is deserve.

It is a fact that millions of websites are being built every other day and the search engine page size remain the same with the same limited space on it; only thing that increases is the number of pages. From a viewer’s perspective, very less people are willing to look at second page in the search engine ditching the first one. Hence, being seen in the first page of search engine is what it all matters. That’s where search engine optimization comes in role. SEO is performed so that the search engine finds your content and show it on its first page. Ultimately, your potential customers will find your contents as well.

Organic SEO services from XplorMedia meant to practice White Hat SEO for improving your search engine ranking organically. Never fall in trap of misleading and deceptive Black Hat SEO than could ruin your entire effort and turn your investment into waste. XplorMedia being one of the top online marketing companies, is dedicated to follow SEO ethics and help your business grow and prosper. Our affordable SEO services will help your business to be found by potential customers. As soon as your website or webpage starts ranking in search engine results, it will receive more organic web traffics, leads, and boost in sales.

Black Vs White Hat SEO

Let us speck the core reasons of why SEO is important for online business –

  • The main source of web traffic is organic search that is direct outcome of good SEO
  • Organic SEO is responsible in building trust and credibility for online businesses
  • A better user experience that Google adores is gained from a good SEO
  • Local SEO helps in gaining better engagements, web traffic, and more conversion
  • SEO certainly impacts on buying cycle in a positive manner if rightly done
  • SEO helps your website to be up to date with latest search engine algorithms
  • The better you understand SEO, better chances of understanding the web environment
  • SEO is comparatively cheap in terms of investment when compared with brand’s profit
  • An organic SEO is a long-term business strategy that returns profit in a long run
  • With a proper analytics and progress tracking, one can easily measure the amount of gained profit from SEO investment
  • No click gained if your content is not on page 1
  • SEO helps your business discover new opportunities to embrace

How to Choose A Reliable SEO Company?

Internet today is full of disreputable companies and the massive amount of circulated spam can easily drive you in frustration for finding a reliable SEO agency for your business. There is a whole lot of ‘best SEO companies in India’ they show you, however not all are relievable as they claim. Needless to say, SEO is a long-term investment. An SEO strategy has the potential to make or break your online presence depending on the way of practice.

Make your decision rigour before choosing a SEO agency you are going to invest on. When you do that keep these most important factors in mind that shall help you make a wise decision. After all, a best SEO result lies within a best SEO services provider in India.

Define Your SEO Goals: Before starting off with SEO practice, first and foremost understand your requirement and goal. Make sure which area of SEO aspect you need to improve or perhaps you it in whole. Defining your requirement and final goal will ensure no money wasted on wrong aspect. On the other hand, your SEO agency can focus on the most needed aspect as they start working.

Realistic Offerings: Anything that sounds ‘too good to be true’ can be a trap. Anyone can look for the top SEO Company  but a wise person would know how to filter out the waste from bests. The word ‘Guarantee’ is mostly used for manipulation. Do not fall for guarantee, spec for realistic results. It may sound bitter, but SEO is a long term process and takes enough effort and time to make it work. Any guarantee of 100% overnight ranking sounds nowhere practical.

Case – Studies: A trustworthy SEO company India keeps a case-study in hand and is more than just happy to showcase it. Case-studies highlight they potential work and can be seen as solid example of company’s skill and performance. It also validates their expertise and ability to turn out a positive outcome. It is recommended to look for the SEO companies in India that provides Case Studies of their work.

Experience: A company’s running duration in business gives a crystal indication of their experience level. So, it is a good idea to see how long they are up in business. Any SEO service provider would know what works and what doesn’t if they already have experience working for multiple firms or individual. Checking references and reviews are the best way to find quality SEO services.

White-Hat Practices: SEO Code Ethics is very much important as unethical SEO practice can harm more than our expectation. It can paralyze an entire site for uncertain period and there is no positive outcome of it we can hope. Thus, before handling over SEO task to any company, ask them of their working strategies and any genuine SEO agency in India would love to explain that in detail.

Scheduling Consultation: It is very important to build a trusting relationship with your SEO Company. Schedule a consultation to discuss ongoing process, understand their attitude, and more of the deal and progress. Building a bridge with your SEO consultant will help you understand their work as well them to know your requirements.

Why Our SEO Services Strategy Is Better Than Others?

We do our best and we keep out the most, to maintain a worthy SEO service that a client would expect. Matter of fact, an efficient, effective and affordable SEO service doesn’t come to existence overnight. It takes a long-term strategy; hours of planning and sweat make it happen to meet the sweetest result. This strategy also evolves over the time to work according to new search engine algorithm. When your SEO work is in professional hands, you tend to get result of better quality. A good SEO isn’t only making your site content visible in the page 1 of Google, it also make sure that only potential customers drop by your website and find your contents relevant to your products. Many digital marketing companies charge you as pay per click, whether the click came from a relevant viewer or not. Let us take you through our core SEO strategy for which we stand out of the crowd.

On-Page SEO: If we get the opportunity to look after your website SEO, the first thing we will do is complete Audit of your entire website. This initial audit includes potential keywords and contents as well. Adding to that, our SEO experts will also take care of all On-Site parameters such as Content Title, Headings, URL structure, Page Speed, Schema, and more to count. Maintaining a reliable search engine marketing services, we ensure every part of your website SEO is done systematically so that overall site ranking will be improved in all kind of search engines prior to Google. We believe, following the norms to keep with latest update in search engines is a crucial part of any SEO practice. XplorMedia is putting their all effort to make your dream SEO improvement happen in an affordable cost which is help you generate greater ROI through Google promotion and sale boosts.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is the basic and one of the most important part of a complete SEO strategy. This is in fact, the raw foundation of what your entire SEO practice will stand on. If your Keywords aren’t researched well and no proper keyword is targeted for further SEO tactics, there’s very less chances of profit returns. When you figure out what keyword terms are being typed be the users, you can target those terms as your focus keywords for ranking. Apart from that, there are related long-tail keywords which add more search volume to your targeted keywords and enrich a single content with more search volume. Keyword research is even more sensitive for local business firms with limited target audiences. Thus, a better keyword analysis is important. XplorMedia offers an affordable seo services that includes an in-depth keyword research feature.

Link Building: Every organic SEO service practice should include Link Building as the backbone of search engine raking. Link building involves in encouraging potential websites and communities to engage in your content directly or indirectly. While link building is an effective way to extract traffic to your blog, vlog, products, and podcasts, it also has potential to enhance your website authority. The more authority you gain for your domain or page, better the chances of ranking the web contents on Google. A website with greater DA and PA are given more priority by search engine tools as such Google, Bing, Yahoo! Baidu,,, and more. With that being said, web content quality also play a big role in link building as Google also measures how much time a user is spending on your site. A website should maintain low bounce rate, and that is possible only when the contents are relevant and genuine. In a nutshell, your site should be presented as a trusted source of services, goods, and information. The more content quality your site possesses, better the chances of building inbound links.We focus on bridging your site with relevant potential websites through a wide range of genuine SEO tactics. Some of the effective and building genuine link methods we practice are guest posting, blog commenting, engaging forums, answering questions, broken link building, social media promotions, you name it.

Competitors: Every business consist competitors. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, you will have to face competitors who are trying their best to outrun you. Therefore, you will need professional’s undertake to analyse your competitors. We will be checking on all the top competitors in your business and break down their strengths in terms of source of traffic, SEO status, and next strategies. We will pinpoint their target keywords, built links, ranking positions, and all other source of information that should help you puss through the top. After all a complete analytics on your competitor’s aspect, we will make strategies that must help your site SEO improve to rank better than the most competitors. XplorMedia, being the best SEO service provider in India, will look after every fraction of our required SEO program so that you get best of your investment in return.

How Can We Help You Grow Your Online Business?

If your SEO strategy does not keep up to date, chances are that your site ranking will be dropping faster than it took to get on top. Google, the paramount of all search engines, frequently changes their algorithm. Their search-bot, also called web crawler analyzes every web-content published online and arranges to put the best content on higher rank in the search result. In order to keep up with the latest google search algorithm, your website need to practice new SEO strategy that fits for latest search algorithm. Maintaining to be among top SEO companies India, our SEO experts are dedicated to polish up web presence of your business.

Your newly launched website will need a hand of SEO experts to be found on the search engines. Without an effective and long-term SEO strategy, ranking and staying top of the search result is way too difficult as you target competitive categories. Whether you are just starting off or targeting a highly valuable niche, ranking on Google search result is must; and without an effective SEO strategy your business cannot grow. Irrespective of your business position and niche target, our SEO professionals will ensure you make the most ROI. For all shape of business bodies, XplorMedia has a professional team of SEO consultant serving with various Local SEO packages at reasonable cost.

Why Should I Hire An Search Engine Optimization Company?

For a newly launched personal blog, there’re not much of things to be done as SEO. And, if you have enough time and skill for that, maybe that’s how you should invest on your SEO strategy. Now that not everyone has it as both skill and time are required for the task. Building a stable business needs enough of investment in many ways. SEO is an important part of the job where sufficient investment should be made. After all, your efficient online presence is the key note of addressing your prime goal by end of the day.

On top of that, if you hand over your SEO practice to a reliable source, you got both time and better ranking progress in return. Ranking progress will directly boast your sales, while the acquired time you can invest in things something else like making better plan for growing the business or any other sort of strategy that doesn’t align over SEO practices.

It is a common case that for running a stable business online, 12 hours a day isn’t enough to make all the work in place. Many entrepreneurs are seemed to over work and still stuck with a long backlog of tasks and this backlog lengthens over the time. Even if you have enough understanding of SEO, you may not have time to practice them effectively. Therefore, outsourcing from an affordable SEO company in India is a good investment.

Hire SEO expert in India, deal with our professional SEO team and we ensure of a great ROI. XplorMedia is affordable SEO services in India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK & all across the globe. So, if you are willing to make things better off the hook then start working with us.

What Do You Expect from Best SEO Services Company In India?

When we someone opt to invest on SEO, the ultimate goes is of course to rank higher on search engine tools such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! Baidu, Yandex, and more. After going through a hectic selection process for a suitable SEO agency India, what are the vital things that one should expect from a great Indian SEO agency?

Regardless to mention, it is very necessary to keep an eye out on the commitment level of your SEO agency on your service. Different SEO companies in India approaches your requirement differently. It is vital to keep a track on their progress.

On average, it takes about 4 – 12 month to be noticed of a positive SEO outcome. Any sort of improvements on SEO aspect takes time to impact on search engines. In case of low competition topics, you may start witnessing positive results in average 1 – 3 months.

And if you see greater result in short period of time, chances are that your company is practicing unethical methods to get fast but unsustainable SEO results. Contrary to that, if it takes over a year to get any changes in the result, be wise enough to investigate and seek your SEO Company’s attention on it.

For a wider idea, let’s take a look at what can you expect when signed with a great SEO agency.

An Introductory Meeting: As soon as you assign a company to look after your need of Search Engine Optimization, you must expect an introductory meeting with their team or account manager via conference call, video, or in person. They might be interested to know your business, marketing ideas, also your SEO goal. In the meantime, they will configure the required process and set up a pricing state for the same.

On the other hand, you can utilize this meeting to understand their strategies to meet your SEO goals. Make sure that the team know what you are expecting from their hand in the end of the day.

Website SEO Audit: SEO Audit is important and if you haven’t get it done before landing on any SEO company; you can expect your selected SEO agency to make it happen initially. Your SEO consultant in India will ask for a limited access to your Google Analytics account in order to see the dashboard and reports. Apart from that, your expert seo company India might have additional tools to diagnose compete SEO status of your site.

Once the initial SEO audit is done, the person who directly manages your SEO will contact you either in person or virtually. The person will explain of their survey, recommendations, and solid instructions to what next to be done.

Check-Ins and Regular Communication: If your site is in a professional SEO team, they won’t just only hand over you a long To-Do list out of their initial SEO audit results. The person responsible for managing your account will always in touch to answer any sort of your queries you have.

You can also expect a regular update of constant progress. A reliable SEO consultant will always keep updated of what is being done and what to be through a transparent SEO strategy and activities.

How Does an SEO Company Work

A good SEO Company India will do the daily task to ensure well ranking of your website and its contents in the search engine results. While a professional SEO agency looks after the vital SEO aspect of your site, you can stay busy in other important task like offline marketing, making efficient strategy of growing the business, and more of such.

Outsourcing SEO from XplorMedia let you relax and works as responsibly as your in-house team would work. Our team SEO expert India will look after all the SEO aspect, monitor the progress, and suggest of further ‘to-do’s and all sort of way to improve your web presence. Making your business visible to your targeted audience is possible with our affordable SEO services.

Our SEO team will handle both sides of SEO activities. Through a complete On-Page SEO, we will make sure your site and contents are well designed to rank higher on search engines. Off-Page SEO will be done significantly to gain more backlink as well as to reach more audience through all kind of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram; thus increasing both Page Authority and Domain Authority of your website.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire An SEO Company?

Search Engine Optimization is essential, there is debate on that. Some individuals prefer to learn practice SEO themselves or hire individual SEO freelancer India. That might work on personal blogs or for small businesses. For a potential business, many companies opt to hire affordable SEO services company . Hiring SEO experts is helpful in many businesses. They can bring potential SEO experts on table, that includes additional SEO tools and resources that would cost pretty much of time and effort to initiate. But, a good SEO team does not come for free. Nor any cheap SEO agency in India would sound good if your prime goal is big enough.

As they say, you get what you pay for. If you are sneaking around some guaranteed but cheap SEO services in India, you may safe some penny but cannot expect any good result either end of the day. Some of the cheap SEO India also practices link schemes and other black-hat strategies that could drown your site in trouble with Google. A little trouble with Google can seriously break your entire business. So, unzip your wallet and spend some cash for a quality search engine optimization service.

The cost of SEO services varies depending on the shape of your business, amount of your web traffic, and on the overall SEO requirements. You may expect to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. A professional SEO company would offer you as low as ₹10,000 a month and affordable SEO services packages would cost you around ₹15,000 a month. This service charge may increase if the required SEO strategy compiles better technology and expertise.

Our team of XplorMedia are willing to take over your SEO needs with several affordable SEO service packages for all business. Our Basic SEO package starts at ₹12,000 per month that will serve 10 keywords optimized, 3 top 10 ranking guarantees, free website analysis, keyword research and analysis, and content optimization.

What Is SEO?

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization, termed in short ‘SEO’ is the activity done with a sole purpose of increasing a certain website or webpage’s visibility on a specific search engine like Google. The ultimate goal of practicing SEO is to drive more organic traffic to a website or webpage through search engines by ranking the chosen webpage or website over the rest of other competitive sites in a given topic or niche.

It is classified in two major strategies. These are Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO. Though both the SEO tactics have a single goal in account, their field of practice is as different as they sound.

On-page SEO: On-Page SEO is mostly individual webpage oriented. It is practiced to optimize a certain webpage or blog content in order to compete and rank higher on targeted search engine thus to generate more relevant web traffic on that web page. A quality On-Page SEO is done on both the content and HTML source code of the web page.

Over the years, the nature of On-Page SEO has changed according to the search engine algorithm updates. Such changes are done with a prime focus to go with the flow of latest search engine algorithm.

Most common and effective aspect of On-Page SEO practices are enlisted below –

  • Optimizing the page title relevant to its topic as well as targeting most searched, less competitive, and short tail keywords.
  • Meta Description of the page is optimized to contain target keywords and to portray a brief idea of compete content.
  • Meta Tags are used as an effective On-Page SEO aspect to cover most of the related keywords thus to rank a single content with several keywords.
  • URL of certain content is structured to meet a search engine friendly, short, keyword relevant nature.
  • Body Tags in the form of Headings in the content are optimized to contain target keyword as well as related keywords. It also plays a vital role in overall keyword density.
  • Maintaining Keyword Density is an important aspect of quality SEO service. Number of keyword used in content should not be less or exceed compared to overall content quantity.
  • Image SEO is something not everyone understands the importance of. It has an immense potential to uplift content on search engine rank when used appropriately. It leaves space for Alt Text and Description where focus keywords can be placed.
  • Internal Linking among several contents of related topic is great way to keep viewers engaged longer period as well as contribute greater info on the topic. Ultimately, it improves search engine rankings.

On-Page SEO is done while or after creating the content, but within the content or web page. Once the On-Page SEO is all done properly, content should be published on the page and journey of Off-Page SEO begins there.

Off-page SEO: Of-Page SEO can be done for a specific webpage or content, or for the main website as whole. It is done once the website or web content is live and mostly consists of link building. Apart from building links with external websites, organic SEO for Off-Page also covers various promotion methods. In the end of the day, ranking a website or webpage is all that matters.

As said earlier, Off-Page SEO is something that is done beyond the boundaries of a website. Off-Page SEO revolves around establishing website quality in the form of Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Search Engine crawler look for the website that is widely linked or referred from various quality websites.

Off-Page SEO gives a positive indication of other websites and viewers perception towards a certain website. It works on the psychological understanding of higher a website quality bigger the chances of references from other sites.

Off-Page SEO is performed in the following forms –

  • Link Building from quality relevant websites that gives a positive impression on the webpage or website to the search engine as well as their viewers. The backlinks directed to a website from other site helps in ranking on top in search engine result.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the prime aspects of Off-Page SEO as it helps in building a brand of a certain website as well as wider engagement of customer or viewers.
  • Social Bookmarking another commonly performed Off-Page SEO that greatly impacts in site ranking. As Google tends to make SEO social, Social Bookmarking a convenient way to improve PageRank as well as SERPs of websites.

Off-Page SEO delivers higher exposure of a website besides increasing search engine ranking and PageRank. When a website or web page ranks on top in the search result, it receives more leads, more links, and more social media mentions. It’s never ending sequence of leads brings directs to one thing and then to another, and so on.

Our Promising Services or Our Specialized Services

Free Technical Site Audit – First thing first, we offer free technical site audit to conduct a quick analysis of your website. Properly done site audit helps us to better understand your site’s drawbacks and issues from both the desktop and mobile interface perspective. It is also an effective method to highlight the errors that are pulling your site down and preventing from search engine rankings.

SEO (Search engine Optimization) – We provide genuine seo services to increase your site visibility and gain ranking in SERPs. Once our SEO experts successfully pull your target keywords on to page 1, it will drive your relevant web traffic and quality leads into your web page.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads – XplorMedia comes with premium pay per click campaign for your business. To make sure no cost charged for irrelevant clicks, first we gather complete information of your business requirements and then perform a sizeable research on target audience, focus and related keywords, audience location, etc. All these information and data are then compelled to make a reasonable PPC campaign. We also keep up with a thorough analytics as soon as the campaign goes online.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) – Social Media has managed to gain an immense popularity in a very short notice. The team Xploredia understands the importance of social media marketing practices that drastically helps in building reputation of a brand. We have professionals in team who are specifically expertise in SMM arena. Your all sort of social media optimization requirements are tailored to viral your brand name in not time.

Local SEO – Local SEO is important when you target audience of a certain area. If you are seeking help to enhance your local online presence, our quality SEO services covers Local SEO as well. We have a long history of success to speak out loud of our proficiency in this aspect. XplorMedia is considered as one of the best SEO services company in Delhi.

Content Marketing – Content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing. XplorMedia practices systematic content marketing strategy for producing and distributing relevant, genuine, quality, and unique contents to engage valuable audiences. A good content contributes vastly in convincing viewers to stay longer in website, ultimately eliminating bounce rate of the site.

Website Development – Whether it is a personal blog, or a established business, XplorMedia is proficient in developing quality websites for all. If you are running a small business and willing to expand your trade online, a potential e-commerce site will do the job. Making a clean, user-friendly, and attractive online shop, our professional web development team will pour their years-earned skills to help your achieve your goals. Developing a website from scratch to maintain its stability using software outsourcing, web programming, web application and designing, everything that need to be done will be done under a single roof. Our web building expert team works on most of the popular CMS’ such as WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, etc.

Website Designing – Web designing is term use to refer structuring and designing of websites. Website designing is mostly termed in user experience perspective. A site is designed with a prior concept of presenting the site the way a user would be attracted to. Our expert team of designers are always ready to make use of their proficiency in designing your site the way like it to. The design of your website should be flexible enough for displaying your services or products. We analyses how your target audience would like to see offerings, and design the site accordingly. We also make sure that potential buyers come back to your site for next buys.

Online Reputation Management – ORM or Online Reputation Management refers to everything that is concerned in making your brand popular in the virtual community. All the web aspects such as search engines, blogs, forums, social media, and news channel are taken into account when it comes to online reputation management. The prime objective of ORM is to make sure that when people look for your brand online, they find what they are looking for in your site.

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