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Hosting Raja Reviews – Is It The Best Web Host In 2022?

Hosting Raja (Some call it “host raja”) is an Indian web hosting company. They have been providing varied hosting services to businesses of all kinds and have been able to make a good reputation for their quality web hosting as-well-as a domain name in the country. Hosting Raja has established in the year 2005, and has been able to offer the clients expertise for making sure you reach your business goals soon.

You get to choose from a variety of packages they offer and can work for both Linux and Windows systems that are basics needed for technical and infrastructure expertise. With Hosting Raja, you will be able to get all kinds of hosting platforms like VPS, Dedicated, Email hosting, Cloud, etc. Hosting Raja is currently the only hosting company that is offering the customers support in the regional languages.

Hosting Raja Reviews

In this Hostingraja review guide, we will discuss on following points to understand whether one should go with Hosting Raja or not.

  1. Performance – A website’s speed plays crucial role even search engines like Google gives priority to such websites.
  2. Reliability – Will you have any downtime? Will your website available 24*7*365 on internet?
  3. Support Service – Are they providing reliable and good support service or not?
  4. Alternative – What are the alternatives of Hosting Raja web Hosting?

Short Note – We have found that Hosting Raja is not reliable web hosting company. They do have awesome good website builder and hosting but uptime is really bad that makes their hosting service terrible. I must say that they are making efforts to improve their service but not enough to satisfy their users too much.

Also, we do recommend you to go with Hostinger, as they are fast, reliable, supportive and easy to use host. Read more about Hostinger India here.

Hostinger Pricing

Hosting Raja Alternative

Let’s start this Hostingraja review guide to understand this web host well!

Money-back Guarantee

Now, this can be a shocker for some people. We have not seen any money back Guarantee mentioned on their website’s homepage. So, this means, that in case you are purchasing a plan from them (which is most expensive when you get for one year) you will be just stuck regardless of the bad experience you might be facing with them.

HostingRaja Money Back Guarantee

But after making more efforts we found something on their “terms of Service” page and it is pretty hard for one to have benefits on their Money-back Guarantee service.

Hosting Raja’s Online Store

Host Raja is one of the best online store development companies that you can get in touch with. They have in the past delivered good eCommerce website to a lot of businesses in the country. There is a team of over 70 engineers that have been constantly working on different technologies.

The main expertise lies in Magento and Opncart for making sure the customers get the best value for their businesses. You will get a fully functional online store that will be SEO and smartphone friendly as well. There is integration for payment getaway, you can easily manage the sales and products and has other user-friendly features.

Hosting Raja’s Website Builder

For making sure that you are getting the best as customers, HostingRaja has partnered with the top 2 website building software. One is Sitepad and the other is Weebly. The website builder by HostingRaja offers hosting, and email. In case you have any doubts, you can always get in touch with their sales team but they have very slow support service. The website builder is easy to use and just drag and drop options for simplified use. You don’t require any kind of technical knowledge and follow these steps:

  1. Select a website template from more than 500 options.
  2. Customize the website using drag and drop tools.
  3. Now you can publish and make your website live.

Hosting Raja Plans

There are several web hosting plans that HostingRaja offers. Here are the details of each one of these.

Hosting Raja Pricing

Silver Plan

This plan will be costing you 85 INR per month. You will be able to host three websites and get 100 GB of SSD space. Additionally, there will be 20 GB of bandwidth provided, free backup each month, 50 emails, 10 FTP account.

Gold Plan

This is a plan that you can get at 161 INR per month. You will be able to host 5 websites and an SSD server of 120 GB will be provided. There will be a bandwidth of 100 GB, free backup every month, 250 emails, FTTP accounts will be unlimited. You also get a website builder drag and drop model with the support of high priority and a free domain.

Hosting Raja WordPress Hosting

The WordPress plans offered by HostingRaja come with more than 250 free themes, then you also get unlimited SSD space as well as bandwidth and SSL certificate. You can choose from the three following plans. Please see that the pricing mentioned is for three years and can vary depending on the tenure that you select.

WordPress Silver

You can get this plan at 149 INR per month and has 1 GB RAM. There will be 10 emails and will be able to handle about 20 thousand visitors each day.

WordPress Gold

This plan will be available at 249 INR per month and offers 2 GB of RAM. There are 20 emails and a bit better power when it comes to CPU and will be able to handle 20 thousand viewers each day.

WordPress Platinum

You will be able to purchase this plan at 349 INR per month. There will be RAM of 2 GB, 30 emails, and can handle one lack of visitors per day.

Hosting Raja VPS Hosting

For the business that has been searching for advanced options for hosting then the VPS Hosting plan by HostingRaja can work for you. There are some added benefits and the Basic plan from them is cost-effective when you compare it with other providers in the country.

Basic VPS plan

This plan starts at 549 INR per month. You will be getting a dual-core CPU, 40 GB of storage, 2 GB RAM, and a bandwidth of 1 TB.

Value VPS plan

The plan will cost you 699 INR per month. Apart from the basic plan features, you get 60 GB of storage, 2 TB of bandwidth.

Premium VPS Plan

This is the most expensive plan they offer at will cost 899 INR per month. There are three core CPUs, 90 GB of storage, and 3 GB of RAM with 3000 GB of bandwidth. You also get an SSL certificate for free.

Hosting Raja Cloud Hosting

There is some good Cloud Hosting plans that you can get on a monthly and also hourly basis. Here are the plans offered by HostingRaja with the pricing:

Micro Cloud

You can get this plan for 2153 or 2900 INR per month. You get 60 GB of disk space, 4 GB of RAM, a bandwidth of 4 TB, and 4 cores.

Medium Cloud

You can get this plan for 5900 or 4306 INR per month. The resources that you get include disk space of 80 GB, 8 GB RAM, a bandwidth of 5 TB, and 4 cores.

Apart from these plans, some plans have been optimized for NodeJS, Python, and Java.

Hosting Raja Dedicated Server

The dedicated plans by HostingRaja are available with a free SSL certificate. Then you get 1 IP address and high customer priority support. There are also several checkers and optimizers that you will get with the dedicated server plans.

Godaddy VS Hosting Raja

Both of the companies have been known for hosting services. However, they differ in the plans, features, and prices. Here are some of the differences between the two web hosting companies:

Monthly Rates

The hosting plan of GoDaddy is a bit cheaper than Hosting Raja when we compare the per month costs. However, this is something that depends on the requirements of the customer. GoDaddy provides unlimited bandwidth, HostingRaja provides just 5 GB of data usage.

Disk Space

GoDaddy provides you 100 GB of space and HostingRaja provides 1 GB of disk space.

Global Rank and Popularity

As GoDaddy has been catering to a much larger crown its global rank is 88 and HostinngRaja on the other hand is at 32710.

User Experience

Depending on the user experience, GoDaddy is given a score of 92 and HostingRaja has got 87 out of 100. This proves that despite the huge global ranking gap, HostingRaja is also offering a good user experience. Hosting Raja certainly seems credible here.

Hosting Raja Features

When it comes to online storage, product support, domain transfer, and ticket submission, GoDaddy is better. However, HostingRaja also offers its users a better community and a brilliant design of the control panel. You also get a live chat support service with HostingRaja.

Hosting Raja Technologies

HostingRaja is becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the country as they are not just focused on offering a good website but are also ready with the technical expertise of the field that will help you in achieving the business goals.

The customers are provided with the best quality plans at affordable prices. The top packages have been made by using Linux and windows-based system that mainly constitutes the needed technical expertise and infrastructure.

Hosting Raja Uptime

The HostingRaja Uptime was 99.71 percent. This means that you would get 2 hours of downtime on average each month. They do guarantee 99.1 percent of uptime, so you have to compromise a lot.

Hosting Raja Domain Checker

HostingRaja offers you domain registrars that can be purchased through the web hosting services and domain name. You need to select the domain name as per the availability and then go ahead with the purchase. Most of the clients get domain registration when they buy a website builder or hosting.

HostingRaja Domain Transfer

Yes, you can transfer the domain name towards HostingRaja in some clicks. There are three steps that you need to take for doing so:

  1. Enter the name that you want to transfer.
  2. You then need to enter the EEP code with the contact details.
  3. Finally, the domain name will get transferred in 8 to 10 working days.

HostingRaja Support

If you stick somewhere, you will have to face dire consequences as have to wait for a few hours or days. The main reason behind the same is timing they offer. They provide support service from 10AM to 9PM with a time offset of UTC+05:30. Thus, you can generate ticket 24/7 but the team will resolve your problems in given time.

HostingRaja Customer Support

Here are Hosting Raja customer care numbers.

Tech Support:

  • +91-7624998869
  • +91-7624998853

Sales Department:

  • +91-9629255696
  • +91-9742617146
  • +91-9108468815

Renewal Department:

  • +91-7411090119
  • +91-7411090124

How to Point a Domain Name to Hosting Raja

Pointing a domain name towards HostingRaja is a simple task. Once the domain name gets registered you have to connect with the hosting server. While the domain name registration takes place, the domain name will be pointed to the hosting account you have. This process is called delegation and is fairly easy to do in a few simple steps.

Do We Recommend Hosting Raja?

No! We do not recommend Hosting Raja Web Hosting. There are several better hosts like Hostinger, HostGator and Bluehost.

The Dedicated and VPS plans that Hosting Raja offers are good. It has easy to use control panel, good storage, free site transfers and emails.

Lastly, in case you are in search of a web hosting then we recommend Hostinger.