Web Hosting Australia

Are you looking the best web hosting company in Australia? If yes, then don’t worry as Yahoo hosting and Siteground are the web hosting in Australia. Here are a few reasons behind the same.

Best Web Hosting Sites In Australia

#1 – Yahoo Hosting – Website Hosting Australia

Get your business online with Yahoo Small Business Hosting. The web hosting services in Australia offered by the giant provides excellent services that have value in every element. You can have your domain. The best part is, Yahoo’s experts shall design the website for you. An easier way to reach out to your customers is just a click away.

Delectable Features

Yahoo’s Australian Web Hosting has the following features for its customers

  1. Helps create your website for Free
  2. 250+ email addresses can be created for FREE
  3. Highly secured websites are created by the experts
  4. Excellent e-commerce tools to build your business

Yahoo hosting can attain credibility with the services offered by Yahoo. You can host and find yourself global in minutes.

Uptime Makes it Incredible

Yahoo Small Business has excellent servers that shall ensure the highest Uptime percentage. The servers offer 99.95% of Uptime. That means to say, your website shall load at a rapid pace when the user attempts to open in their browsers. It is always suggested to choose the web hosting companies in Australia using this metric. Yahoo small business must be the best choice in this regard as well.

Customer Support

The incredible experts of Yahoo, support in creating

  1. Customised version for your website
  2. The suggestions offered by the experts help you a lot in your business
  3. The professionals shall suggest the ways to attract the customers too
  4. Also, they help execute the same with a prototype too

The discussion, the layout and the requirements shall be taken seriously. The experts shall take care of your website to ensure its smooth operation as well.

#2 – SiteGroud – Best In All Web Hosting In Australian

SiteGround has been known for catering to a wide range of clients, starting from start-ups, small entrepreneurs, bloggers, and many more.

They provide three shared plans of hosting that are extremely adjustable based on the requirements of the users. Worth mentioning, the hosting plans have common aspects mentioned below –

  • No limit on the traffic driven to the client’s website: However, if the client has tons of monthly visitors, say over 100,000, then shared hosting may not prove to be adequate.
  • Unlimited databases and email accounts
  • A 30-day cash-back guarantee
  • SiteGround’s caching system and SSD disks
  • 24*7 customer support through calls, emails and chat


SiteGround is not only reliable but offers above-par quality web hosting services in Australia. It is crafted with effective features that meet the needs of the client requirements. Here’s a list of valuable features that makes SideGround popular –

  • The replacement of cPanel with an in-house site tool has made it easier to handle client sites. It uses an application called REACT that lets you operate effectively and also allows you to access accounts from any device.
  • SiteGround boasts its response and performance time, using the latest technology that provides one of the fastest servers and flawless performance for all.
  • They offer free speed technologies like SSD, CDN, SSL, NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP 8, QUIC, Brotli Compression Algorithm, SG Optimizer, and Supercacher.


Coming to the uptime guarantee provided by SiteGround, they provide a 99.9 percent guarantee in a year. But what is more interesting is that SiteGround offers credit to their clients if this guarantee fails. A fall in the uptime from 99.9% to 99% would give the client a month of free hosting. And if it falls below 99%, they will give an additional month of free service for every 1% dip.

Help and Support

SiteGround provides instant self-help with a smart AI chatbox and automated solutions ready at hand.

They also offer help through live chats, phone support, and helpdesk tickets. Help and Support are available 24*7.