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There is no doubt that WordPress is the largest and the best blog platform available on the internet. Hundreds of individuals, amateurs, and company owners join millions of WordPress-powered websites every day. Are you one of them?

Do you want to start your WordPress website hosted by yourself? If you are one of them and not quite ready to plunge into the world of premium web hosting, a free WordPress hosting service can be an alternative option for you.

I will discuss free WordPress hosting service websites in this article. I will also highlight their features, customer support, and uptimes. Continue reading this article to have a thorough understanding of which free website hosting provider is appropriate for you and what you require.

Thus, we end up with the list of free WordPress hosting that you can surely rely on.

The Free WordPress Hosting Services of 2022

  1. – Fast, Free & Secure WordPress Hosting
  2. – Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL & cPanel, No Ads
  3. – Free Unlimited Website Hosting for over 9 years
  4. – Free WP Host With No Ads
  5. – Ads-Free WordPress Hosting Paradise

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“Free WordPress Hosting” – Nov. 2022’s Free WordPress Hosting!


Disk Space


Visit Site


3 GB

FAQs and Forums

300 MB

Live chat, Email, FAQs

5 GB

Knowledge base, Forum

1 GB

Support ticket, Knowledge base, Video tutorials

250 MB

Support ticket, Online documentation, Video Tutorials

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2022’s Free WordPress Hosting Companies


Does WordPress Provide Free Hosting


  • Easy To Step-up
  • Load Quickly & Reliable
  • WordPress’ Custom Dashboard


  • No Plugins
  • No FTP Account

As a beginner, you may get confused between and  To be clear, is a free online hosting provider, but is an open-source site builder. allows you to develop a free website.  It also helps you in creating your website by just opening a account. Thus, it streamlines the process of building a WordPress website.

It is scalable and offers a range of upgrading possibilities. As your website expands, you may choose from any of these upgrade options. It provides a wide range of free device-ready and customized themes, layouts, designs, and templates.

It is compatible with devices like Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS. As a result, updating your website is possible using both cellphone and desktop applications. You will be able to connect your email, whether it is GSuite or any other account.

However, it will not provide you with access to the entire WordPress program. So, you can accomplish some restricted tasks only.

Key Features:

  • The setup process is easy, simple, and user-friendly for beginners.
  • It comes with a built-in social-sharing feature.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited.
  • com dashboard is customized.
  • It keeps saving work after every few seconds.
  • Storage capacity is 3 GB.
  • SSL certificate is completely free.
  • It allows you to drag-and-drop photos as well as incorporate both audio and video files.
  • Upgrade to Premium level is simple.
  • Free themes and plugins are available.
  • It is easy to build a unique web design using free plugins.
  • It provides statistics in detail.

Customer Support: Free has community forums that provide customer support. You may also approach them for assistance via email, which is open 24/7.

Uptime:’s free service ensures no guaranteed uptime.

Last Thoughts on is an excellent choice for non-tech savvy users. It is also a great alternative for those who do not require installing their customized plugins and themes.

If you do not really require complete WordPress functionality, is a viable free option. But keep in mind that you will not have the opportunity to install your own add-ons and access your server. However, you will receive a simplified experience supported by world-class integration.

If that trade-off is acceptable to you, sign up for the fastest WordPress hosting immediately.


Free Hosting For WordPress


  • Full Server & Database
  • Host 2 Websites
  • Huge disk space and bandwidth


  • Chances of spamming
  • Minimal security
  • No Backup
  • No Support

000WebHost is the part of Hostinger and provides unlimited free web hosting.  It is offered for lifetime without the attachment of any strings. It is not a version like a demo or trial. Hence, it is an excellent choice to host your very first professional-looking free WordPress website.

000webhost’s hosting services function nicely with databases. Passwords are used to secure all of 000webhost’s directories.  Using free 000webhost’s hosting services will permit you to own advertisements.

It will provide you with quick activation, backup, and FTP support. It also supports all feasible domain names. You will also get access to database administration tools that are company-standard.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to host two websites for free.
  • Offers a customized hosting dashboard to administer your websites
  • Provide a one-click WordPress setup tool using Softaculous.
  • Bandwidth is available for up to 10 GB
  • Accessibility to the entire database as well as the FTP server.
  • The availability of disk space is 1 GB.
  • Auto-WordPress installation
  • It works with MySQL databases.
  • Activation is speedy
  • Using free site builder is effortless
  • The Web File Manager is accessible.
  • Offers the most recent version of cPanel.
  • No ads

Customer Support: Unfortunately, being a free user, you will not receive any technical assistance from the 000webhost hosting service provider.

Uptime: 000WebHost’s free service ensures 99.9% uptime with average response time between 200 to 250 ms.  As no hosing provider can guarantee 100% uptime, it is not bad at all.

Last Thoughts on 000WebHost:

000webhost is an excellent choice for customers seeking a full-service (all functionality) hosting platform free of cost. You will have the ability to install your applications and use a customized domain name. You will also have accessibility to your database and server.

However, you must consider two factors: storage and bandwidth constraints. These restrictions are adequate for a low-traffic site. But if there is heavy traffic on your site (simultaneous log in of more than 20 to 30 people), 000webhost will terminate your site.


Free WordPress Hosting For Students


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 10 Custom Email Accounts
  • Host Multiple Websites


  • Outdated VistaPanel
  • Restricted Disk Space
  • No Customer Support
  • No cPanel

One of the best free WordPress hosting companies available on the market is Infinity Free.  It includes all of the features you would expect. It offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth to its free customers. More than 300,000 people utilize this free hosting package.

You can automatically create an InfinityFree account within minutes. Free hosting does not have any time limitations. You are free to sign up at any time and use it for as long as you wish to.

Key Features:

  • Disk storage capacity is unlimited (however, each file cannot be larger than 10 MB)
  • Bandwidth is unlimited (with a daily restriction of 50,000 hits)
  • Up to 10 email addresses
  • Offers MySQL Databases (400)
  • WordPress setup is possible with a single click (additional script installer for 400+ more tools)
  • All websites get a free SSL certificate.
  • Using a customized domain name is possible (25 subdomains are also possible for free)
  • Cloudflare CDN is available for free.
  • DNS Services are free
  • Provides support for PHP version 7.3
  • Ads-free

Customer Support: Customer service is not available to free users of the Infinity Free hosting package. If your website goes down for whatever reason, you will not receive any assistance. However, if you need any technical assistance, you have the option to have your questions in via forum support. Forum members will address your problem.

Uptime: Infinity Free has a 99.9% uptime guarantee with a response time of roughly 230 m. It is excellent for a free WordPress hosting provider.

Last Thoughts on Infinity Free:

InfinityFree is an excellent option for you if you require full server access for high-traffic WordPress sites. InfinityFree is one of the few free WordPress servers that allows you to establish a limitless number of websites while simultaneously providing unlimited bandwidth.

However, the only constraint is its no immediate customer support that may cause issues when servers breaks down.


Best Free Hosting For WordPress


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Sub-Domain
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases


  • Doesn’t Support Many Visitors
  • Limited Support

Byet Host is the top-rated WordPress hosting provider, hosting over a million websites.  You can host unlimited sites using its limitless MySQL database feature. It is simple to use and provides unlimited storage space.

Most hosting companies do not give customers help with their free plans, but Byet is an exception. You may obtain assistance from their customer service without spending any money. It is an excellent choice for small projects or blogs (visitors less than 20 to 30/ day).

Key Features:

  • Disk space is unlimited (individual file size is only 10 MB)
  • Bandwidth with no limits
  • Allows five email accounts hosting
  • Subdomains are available for free (you may also use your own customized domain)
  • Offers accessibility to the free Community Forum
  • Auto-installation of WordPress with a single click
  • Customer Support is available for free
  • Offers dashboard for VistaPanel hosting
  • Provides FTP accounts and File Managers (full server access)
  • MySQL databases are unlimited
  • No ads

Customer Support: Byethost provides 24×7 customer support. It uses a ticketing system to provide help to the customer with free hosting. Although assistance will be minimal, you may hope to resolve your issue immediately. For live assistance, you will need to be a premium user.

Uptime: Byethost provides no guaranteed uptime.

Last Thoughts on Byethost:

Byet host is an excellent choice for those that want a large number of WordPress sites. Also, it is okay for individuals whose WordPress sites receive a lot of traffic.

However, the sole limitation is the individual file size (only 10 MB) that may cause issues when hosting large files.


Free WordPress Hosting


  • 3 Email Account
  • Full Server Access
  • Easy to Use
  • 24/7 Customer Support


  • Limited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • Bad Response Times
  • Limited MySQL Database Access

If you plan to upgrade your website to a premium plan later, Freehostia can be a popular alternative to a free WordPress hosting provider. The hosting plan includes 6 GB of monthly bandwidth and 250MB of storage space. It also offers customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a one-click online application installation. Freehostia hosts your website on load-balanced clusters and offers you full access to your server. It also provides over 50 free apps.

Key features:

  • Provides hosting for up to five Domain Names
  • Up to 250 MB of disk space is available
  • Provides hosting to up to 3 email addresses
  • Offers a free app launcher for web apps
  • Offers MySQL storage space of 10MB
  • Customer service is available 24*7
  • Monthly traffic is limited to 6GB
  • Provides CPU statistics, traffic statistics, and server information
  • Has a feature called control panel that supports a variety of languages
  • Password-protected directories are available

Customer support: Even with the free version, FreeHostia provides 24/7 customer assistance.

Uptime: FreeHostia provides no guaranteed uptime.

Last Thoughts on FreeHostia:

Freehostia offers a lot of features for free WordPress hosting, including SSL certificates, full server access, and many more. It is a fantastic free web hosting option for individuals who wish to host a small, primarily static website.

However, because of the limited storage limitations, it is not a viable choice for huge websites.  For instance, if you want to upload photographs on your blog, you will reach your storage limit in a very short time. That is, Freehostia’s biggest flaw is its limited storage capacity.


You do not have to pay a lot of money to start your own WordPress website. You now have all the free WordPress hosting options.

Which free hosting option would you choose?

Select the option that best meets your needs and get to work on something fantastic!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is the most popular and largest content management system (CMS) on the internet.  It runs over 25% of the internet.  Since CMS is open source, anyone may create third-party themes and plugins to extend its features. It also enables you to customize your WordPress website.

WordPress hosting refers to hosting that has been designed to run WordPress sites.  Hosting also meets its speed (uptime, response time, etc.) and security requirements.

Several WordPress hosting providers offer services and add-ons free of cost. If you use these free services to create your WordPress website, this is referred to as free WordPress hosting.

You should go with free WordPress hosting if;

  • You merely need to host one WordPress site. The reason is- the bandwidth and storage that a free WordPress Hosting company provides will not be limited as your site develops.
  • You need to conduct temporary testing or other experimental activities.
  • You are creating a short blog or a simple portfolio.
  • Or any activities for which you do not want to invest in a costly service.

But if you need WordPress hosting for business purposes like branding sites or e-commerce, you should not risk your business using free WordPress hosting.

When it comes to WordPress hosting services, there are two options: free and paid. Let’s figure out their difference.

Domain Name:

  • Most free WordPress hosting packages do not only provide brand names for the domain name. You must also include the hosting provider name in the domain name.
  • You may get your domain without an undesired hostname if you pay for WordPress hosting. It gives a professional appearance to your website.

Customer Support:

  • Free WordPress hosting provides no or limited technical customer support to customers.
  • Paid hosting services are frequently accessible 24/7 via online chat, email help, and phone assistance.

Storage Capacity and Bandwidth:

  • You can use limited bandwidth and storage by taking free WordPress hosting plans.
  • In paid web hosting plans, you can purchase bandwidth and space according to your needs.


  • Free WordPress hosting does not assure you good uptime all the time.
  • On the other hand, paid hosting plans assure that.

Yes. There are some hidden expenses to developing and maintaining a free WordPress hosting website. Although you are using free WordPress hosting, you may need to spend money on plugins, themes, and professional customer support.