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Website Designing Services In Delhi

Get the services of the best web designing company in Delhi NCR with us as this is the most ideal way by which you can enhance the internet presence that you have.

Website Designing Company In Delhi

Working in a digital world is little hectic if you don’t have your own website. That’s why XplorMedia provides website designing services in Delhi at right prices. XplorMedia has been equipped with the latest technology and a back end team of over 70 experienced experts making sure that you are provided with perfect solutions regarding website design Delhi. You can completely rely on us with your requirements as we are the best website designing company in Delhi and have had satisfied clients from over 27 countries, so you can expect nothing but the best from us. Our company has been in the field for over seven years now and makes use of advanced technology with some very unique features that will enhance the user engagement that we provide.

Get the services of the best web design company in Delhi with us as this is the most ideal way by which you can enhance the internet presence that you have. Having the assistance of a cheap website designing company in Delhi is not just the easiest but also the smartest way for moving ahead of your competition for achieving greater success. This is also the main reason for business owners for making sure that they are investing well for template designing company in Delhi NCR, India. We at XplorMedia will be using only excellent practices, brilliant strategies, and excellent technology while we provide custom web design Delhi for you. In this manner, you will be receiving quality services and at highly affordable prices so that you get the best deals possible.

Some of our main objectives at XplorMedia include the creation of uniquely designed web solutions that are engaging and attractive at the same time. We are the best web designing company in Delhi and has made its reputation for offering the clients with amazing & cheap website designing services in Delhi. We are amongst the top website designing company in Delhi NCR because of the experience we have in the field that ensures that our clients can get instant results and they stand out from the rest for maximizing their profits.

The Web Designing Process at XplorMedia

As we are amongst the top 10 web designing companies in Delhi we begin or work with understanding the client’s needs for the specific business smartly. This analysis also helps us understand the present business condition and what will be the target audience. Here are some of the steps that we follow for making sure that you have the best web designing services possible:

This is the very first step when it comes to website designing the entire process of the business of the client is analyzed. Also, we gain an immense understanding of the target customers. After this, our team will get in touch with you for discussing the sales process, that you have presently. This precise information will be allowing our company to choose the best techniques and varied tools for your organization.

In this specific stage, the website company works its best for making the unique ideas that have been thought of to reality. Smart planning of the entire work and the strategies will allow the company for completing the phase of web designing in the most successful manner.

For low cost website designing in Delhi NCR, our agency makes use of advanced front end coding technology and principles. The web designers at XplorMedia also have great skills in the advance coding language and other platforms. This includes professional skill for SQL, CSS, WordPress, Magneto and many others. This coding knowledge is sufficient for allowing the company to ensure that the websites that we make for you are mobile and SEO friendly.

Once we have completed the process of web designing and your approval has been given. Our company will be sending the work done to the team for online marketing. The team is dedicated to making a stable strategy. The main objective here is for attracting the targeted audience for the client’s company. You can trust us for bringing you with a wonderful opportunity that will make sure that you get better returns for the investment done till now.

We Offer Wide Variety of Website Design Services

Responsive Website

The responsive websites have been designed for the extension of the user experience on their mobile phones and other devices that are handheld like tablets. The responsive websites will be transforming your web page as per the screen size. This makes the user easier to view the website content on their mobile phone as well. Some other benefits of getting a responsive website designed through us are that you won’t require any need for the creation of separate devices suitable for other devices.

Ecommerce Web Design

When you take our services for the creation of a robust website that will be serving as the foundation for the need of the online retail company, We’ve an understanding of the vitality of the utilization of latest technology to give you maximum profits. We will provide you with the best eCommerce web design solutions that will be completely customized according to you. Our team will be discussing with you any of the custom functions that you require to match your eCommerce objectives & specific brand.

Blog Website

We will build a blog website for you as well. While creating the website we keep in mind the point of view of the user. And this is why out Blog website design remains in harmony with the right colors, best layout and also structured codes that will be maximizing the leads and conversions as well.

Magento 2 Migration

We are amongst the top companies that will be an offer to the client with the turnkey migration services. A careful analysis and planning are done for each project that we work for. This is why we completely understand that there is no one canned approach for the Magento 2 migration.

Mobile-first Website Design

XplorMedia has been able to specialize with the custom, mobile-first website designing. Our service ranges from completely customized and business level web portals. All of these services are designed at affordable prices and we look forward to making something that you will definitely like. We will handle all of the work from website designing to content and our efficient team will get all of the work done on time.

CMS-Based Websites

In the present times, CMS or content management systems have been used often for building the websites. This is used majorly for the website where the content is needed to be changed oftentimes. We will create such a website for you with the required specifications and help you to control the updates and there will be no further need for any website designer afterward.

Why Choose Our Cheap Website Design Company In Delhi NCR

Being amongst the top 10 web designing companies in Delhi we take utmost care for understanding the specific requirements that a client has. Most of the other service providers won’t care for it, and just handover the website as they want to build. But this is not the case when you choose us, we will be giving you detailed information at each step of the website development. We have an expert team that will be ready with assisting you with any doubts that you might have. Please keep in mind that just a website design doesn’t stand alone when it comes to marketing strategies. There are several other aspects that we shall be handled for you so that you have significant gains for the business goals that you have in your mind.

As we are offering website designing services in Delhi that has a key focus on SEO, keyword promotion and blog promotions with a lot more, you will never be without a clear path that needs to be followed and there will be an improvement in business overall. Here are some other detailed points on why you should choose us:

Professional and Creative Team

One of the major reasons as to why we are the best web designing company in Delhi is that we don’t have a team of robots that will be just delivering you with automated home pages and widgets that are the same to every client. We work very hard to understand the requirement of every customer and the industry that they co-relate for their business with. This also includes gaining information on the marketing goals they have, so that we can present some innovative and fresh ideas for each client.

The main focus being all of the ideas that you will be provided is the success of the client and giving them complete service satisfaction. Our team is here not to just build a great website today, but we want you to stay happy in the coming years as well. So our creative team is there for you to help with the development, management of the website. The success over seven years by our company is a result of the hard work of our creative team that is highly professional and ready to provide any help that you need.

Project Management System with full Plan

We collect all of the business-related data and then our affordable website designing company in Delhi NCR will be planning the project management system and additional content that is well organized in the best manner. This will make sure that the website that is made will be fully functional and also simple in usage. You can say in short we are the top website designing company in Delhi that will be noting down all of the ideas on paper, have a proper plan and then go ahead with the work of web designing work.

Timely Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, we are very strict with the work that we do. Our quality control team first goes ahead with the testing process when the coding is in the initial stages. This examination checks for the balance of workload, its compatibility and also the probable exploits related to coding. This accurate testing will be ensuring that the website not just provides you with the enhanced user experience but the work done is flawless. Also, even after the website has been provided to the client constant work is done for ensuring that there are no issues faced in the future making sure all of the features are working in a streamlined manner.

Experienced Team in the Industry

One of the facts is that business owners understand their company better more than anybody else. So our experienced team works with you so that all of the business requirements and website designing needs are understood well. Then our team that consists of experts with years of experience will be doing their research and the currents making sure that you can target potential clientele. With this experienced team, and knowledge you get unique web design Delhi this will surely end up giving you the results that you had been looking for.

Why We’re #1 Best Or Top Web Designing Company In Delhi /NCR

Every solution that XplorMedia comes up with for the client has countless advantages. All of the solution by our web designing company in Delhi has been tailored for different business sizes, that helps them to thrive and grow at exponential rates. Here are some of the key benefits that our professional web design company in Delhi NCR can help you with:

  • Your website will have the best first impression: It is an understood fact that your business website works as the storefront for the company. In case you are searching for a better impression, one must opt for the web design that is the best. We will be ensuring that your business will be showcasing an instant reflection of the services and products you provide.
  • You will be able to beat the competition: When you work with the best & cheap website design company in Delhi the dedicated team will be adding unique features constantly for making a successful website that will also assist with staying ahead with the business. Not just this we can also help you with maintaining the online presence as per your requirement.
  • Improve the conversion rate: The unique design will be grabbing a lot more attention for the target clients with enhanced traffic. This will increase the conversion rates and eventually will help give a boost to the present sales. Thus higher revenue will be generated.
  • Quicker and superior access: For website design Delhi the solutions that we will provide will be offering you better online access. We are going to ensure you that your target audience has, fast and easy access for being able to get information like address and contact details of your business.
Magento Web Development

Magento Web Developer

This is an open platform that enables our team of developers for modifying the source code, adding features to it and integrating the functionality that you need. This is also a scalable and more flexible manner that provides the business of any size. XplorMedia specializes in providing clients with customized Magneto solutions and development. There will be special integrated features for functionality and design. Also, our team provides you with service that will keep the development with marketing in one place. You can get in touch with us now with your requirements regarding the project requirements.

Joomla Web Developer

As everyone is aware that Joomla is an amazing content management system that has also won numerous awards. This will help with cheap website designing in Delhi NCR and also applications. Because of the extreme ease of use it has gained popularity over time. Our team providing web design services in Delhi that have exclusively worked with the online platform for years.


WordPress System software

This is again one of the famous CMS and has been able to offer extensive plugin range. It has also gained its popularity due to the ease of use. Our cheap web design company in Delhi NCR provides you with support, designing, development, WordPress hosting and a lot more to all of the WordPress versions. We are offering you an optimum hosting environment for the client website.

Drupal CMS

Well, we are also popular for Drupal designs across varying industries and businesses. XplorMedia has been able to give you unparalleled designing experience for the creation of highly customized and innovative Drupal solutions. The designs that we provide are very secure, modern, packed with features and made for offering high performance that is way ahead than created by any other company.


OpenCMS System Software

For any website content is the heart of it. For staying ahead in your business with your competitors, there is a need for website update as well. Open CMS will be offering you immense control that will let you with website expansion and also keep it updated so that user experience is improved. Not only this but we also provide software development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our professional designers and developers have basic knowledge about On-page SEO so while developing websites for clients so they can give special focus on SEO points as well.

We usually code websites in HTML5, JQuery, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript, but are also experienced with using a variety of Content Management Systems including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. We also have expertise in developing websites on Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace as well as eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Then what are you waiting for? Hire best web designing company in Delhi to design & develop your website in no time at acceptable fee.

Usually web design companies do not allow their clients to write content for their websites, but with us, you get this leverage to write content for your own website. You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you or any person from your company who knows even the slightest details of your business.

But if you need help, we also have a team of professional content writers who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

There are several factors we need to consider before we give the exact time to clients to create a fully functional website. Custom web design work can take anywhere between 15-21 days, depending on the functionalities, complexity of the design, database size, and the number of revisions you require. These are general guidelines and approximately timeframe you must need to keep in your mind. Don’t worry and start working with signup our web design services in Delhi and we will give you an incredible website’s layout with powerful performance.

YES! XplorMedia, a web designing company in Delhi, provides redesign or customize existing websites according to your requirements. A website redesign can vary greatly in price, depending on the complexity of the database to be migrated and the components & functionalities we are tasked with adding. The price will ultimately depend on the time involved and the customizations asked by the client.

There’s not one single answer to this question. A web design is quoted based on the requirement of each individual project i.e. personal or business. Every website is unique and requires different features; we design and develop high quality websites specifically for your business. We’ll ask several questions about your business, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment.

Most of our websites run in the Rs. 10,000-25,000 range, but can be more or less depending on needs. So, get the website designing company in Delhi with XplorMedia and start your business online.

We follow two payment options;

First that belong to small web design projects, under this case we charge 50% at the very beginning and the rest after completion of the project.

Under second case or for big projects, we divide charges into 3 where we charge 30% at the starting, 40% in middle and rest after complete the project.

We accept Checks, PayPal, Payoneer, and all major credit cards.

All our web design packages include 1 Months free Support. If any of our client needs additional support for their website, they can avail it by paying additional cost.

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