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WPX Hosting Reviews + Coupons Code

A quick-loading website is critical to your online presence. Faster load times will help your website grow faster. Optimizing website performance can help you get more customers by increasing your presence in search engines. Quick loading websites also have better conversion rates, which means that more of your visitors will join your potential customer list.

Based on research, if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 57% of all visitors will leave. 80% of those visitors will never return, and half will share with their friends about their bad experiences.

A wealth of data and studies demonstrate both the harmful impact of poor loading times and the good benefits of enhancing website performance. Even if you don’t run a multimillion-dollar business, I’m confident your site might benefit from faster loading times.

As we all know, website speed depends on hosting; WPX hosting plays a significant role here. As a result, if you wish to take advantage of a fast-loading website, our WPX Hosting review will be beneficial.

In this WPX hosting review guide, we will be going to cover following things.

  1. Performance – Website’s speed is one of the most crucial things which is possible with a good web hosting company.
  2. Reliability – Is your website available 24/7/365 on internet without any downtime?
  3. Customer Support – How good WPX hosting’s support service is?
  4. Features – Do you get every single feature that you need?
  5. Pricing – How much should you pay for a web hosting? Does WPX pricing worth paying?

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting provides high-performance managed WordPress hosting at a low cost. It emphasis on lightning-fast website loading times and exceptional customer service. WPX is a fully-featured solution for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

It also facilitates enterprise DDoS protection, free white-glove migration, free and fastest CDN for WordPress, malware eradication, and more. Moreover, they have a live chat support system with a response time of fewer than 30 seconds. There are no add-ons, upsells, or hidden costs. Though it does not have the most attractive dashboard, it provides exceptional value for most WordPress users.

WPX Hosting Coupon

The most challenging aspect is getting started. We understand how difficult it is to create a WordPress website on a limited budget. As a result, you can use WPX hosting promotional code for several percentages off any WPX Hosting package.

There are many websites offering coupon codes for WPX hosting plans. You will get a straight 50-60% WPX hosting discount to redeem these coupon codes. It will save you a lot of money.

Money-back Guarantee

Most consumers are hesitant to try a new hosting company. What if they provide terrible service or your website takes longer to load on the server? What if they don’t answer swiftly to your queries? These are among the concerns that come to mind when looking for a new hosting company.

WPX Hosting provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with a complete refund if you are unhappy with their service. For instance, if you register on January 1st, 2022, on a 1-year Annual plan, you will get the total annual payment back in the first 30 days, which is January 31st, 2022. This is the period for a new member to evaluate the quality of their speed, service, and security. You can ask them for a complete refund if you are not satisfied with their service.

During an ongoing WPX hosting promo code campaign, regular refund terms may be partially or entirely unavailable. However, Refund Policy regulations will be explicitly specified in each Promotion Campaign’s terms.

Please keep in mind that domain-related purchases, such as renewals, domain purchases, domain transfers, and so on, are not refundable.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting’s hosting plans and pricing are straightforward. It is priced extremely reasonably, in my opinion, particularly if you need to host many websites. There are only three plans to select. The variations between WPX Hosting plans are the number of websites you may host and the bandwidth you receive. There are no visitor limitations. It’s nice that the entry-level business plan allows you to host up to five websites. If you own numerous websites or manage a few for customers, this plan’s $24.99 monthly charge becomes much more reasonable. It would be best if you chose to pay yearly rather than monthly also leads to savings. I believe that restricting bandwidth is a far more fair method than an arbitrary restriction.

WPX Hosting additionally provides free unlimited migrations. WPX experts migrate your websites within 24 hours. Moreover, it is entirely free, which is a good bonus. WPX Hosting also provides a 30-day risk-free trial period, allowing you to test their service before investing permanently. Along with it, they offers several WPX hosting coupons to get some discount.

The only “drawback” is that it’s a little more difficult to tell how many visits a plan can sustain.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Malware Removal (Free)All Plans Includes:

  • Superfast support
  • Free troubleshooting
  • Free Website optimization
  • Money-back guarantee (1 month)

WPX Technology

WPX Hosting includes its unique content delivery network (CDN) with 26 global endpoints. It implies the most recent versions of critical technologies like PHP 7.X and HTTPS/2. WPX has been the only hosting provider globally with its custom-built CDN; others rely on existing third-party suppliers. As a result, they can tune it for speed, which would have been impossible with an outside source. They have three data centers: Chicago, London, and Sydney. You’ll also obtain endpoints in other places, thanks to the built-in CDN. WPX Hosting does not include server-level caching. It also helps WPX to load faster. This feature is unique for managed WordPress sites, as any managed host has a server-level caching solution. SSD is used instead of HDDs to improve performance. Moreover, recently, they have made the migration from Apache to Litespeed.

WPX provides a Custom web application firewall (WAF) to prevent attacks from entering the system when it comes to security. Malware scans are performed daily. SSL certificates that are free and simple to install. DDoS protection is provided for free by Incapsula/Imperva. And, additionally, WPX Hosting offers free, limitless malware cleanup. In other words, if your site becomes contaminated, WPX Hosting will clear it up at no cost to you.

WPX Hosting Features

Let’s look at some of the main features of WPX hosting:

1 – SuperSpeed

WPX outperforms the competition by offering the quickest loading speed to its consumers at a reasonable rate using the company’s high-spec SSD servers. According to some speed tests, including GTmetrix and Google Page Speed Insights, WPX hosting speed is 45% faster than popular budget hosts.

2 – Reliable Bandwidth

Most hosting companies claim unrestricted bandwidth; however, the bandwidths frequently drop when your website traffic increases. It’s not a problem with WPX; it allows you to handle traffic swiftly and seamlessly.

3 – Backups

WPX automatically backups your essential data regularly. WPX Hosting preserves backup files on a different server for additional security and keeps them for 28 days, which is longer than many other servers. With only a few clicks, you can effortlessly restore any backup.

4 – Excellent Support

Their skilled and patient team, including professional WordPress support agents, provides comprehensive customer help via live chat and ticket service. There is an online knowledge base that should address your queries and assist you in resolving any problems.

5 – Website Migration

Some plugins and technologies can assist you in migrating a WordPress website. However, the procedure is not always simple.

Fortunately, WPX Hosting provides a free site-moving solution. Your WordPress website will be transferred from your existing web host to your new WPX Hosting account. The migration will be done within 24 hours. The service also includes the transfer of emails linked to that website.

6 – Malware Scan

Regularly, it performs free virus scans for its clients and resolves their difficulties without charging them anything more. Furthermore, unlike other hosting companies, it does not terminate your account or site if malware is discovered on your site.

7 – SSL

SSL is now required for all website owners. WPX hosting offers free SSL certificates to its users to increase client confidence and help their site rank higher in Google search results.

8 – Troubleshooting

WPX is more than just a website hosting provider. They effectively and concurrently answer their consumers’ content issues while also removing viruses and harmful content.

9 – DDoS protection

DDoS assaults are becoming an incredibly regular source of trouble for internet businesses. Every WPX Hosting client receives free Enterprise-level DDoS protection from Incapsula, an industry leader in DDoS security.

10 – WPX hosting Uptime

The average uptime of WPX hosting is 99.95%, which is pretty impressive. Though some days ago, it faced some downtime, but overall its uptime is fantastic.

11 – WPX Support

Their knowledgeable and patient team, including expert WordPress support agents, offers full customer assistance via live chat and ticket service. The response speed was as claimed. There is an online knowledge base that should answer your questions and help you solve any difficulties.

12 – Extra hosted websites

WPX provides five website hosting facilities in its low-level package. You can host up to 35 websites in WPX.

WPX Hosting Reviews Conclusion

It is overall a good WordPress hosting company and if you want to start a website using WordPress then you should go with WPX.