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Hostinger Reviews: Tested & Compared Hostinger India (2022)

All over the world, Hostinger has been known for being the most loved hosting service provider. A lot of people like it because of the high affordability, especially when compared with some of the competitors. Since the beginning in 2004 there has been a smooth operation observed and a constant improvement is seen in the past decade. Each day about fifteen thousand people make their registration at Hostinger India for hosting requirements.

Some adjustments were seen for making sure they were the best. It was called as in the year 2007. This also meant that they were offering hosting services for free and had no advertising. Then the brand Hostinger was invented in the year 2011. Their incorporation had been growing globally and the new office was in Cyprus. There were more than 10 million users by 2014. And In 2017 January, about 30 million people had not just heard about them, but also were its registered users.

The headquarters of Hostinger is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. From the brand journey, it’s clear that they have made massive growth in a short time. One of the main reasons for such huge popularity is the free and unlimited features they provide. Hostinger also offers services like registration for a domain name, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, web hosting, and a lot more.

General Info & Hosting Overview

In this Hostinger reviews tutorial, we have focused on shared hosting but do not worry we have covered also all type of hosting. Before writing this article, I have read a lot of customer’s reviews, criticism, their suggestions & experiences which makes it fair article without any greed.



99.99% (Nov. 2021 to Feb. 2022 average)


24/7 Chat Support


SSL, Unmetered bandwidth, LSCWP, DNS Management


Single, Premium & Business Web Hosting




Hostinger Reviews From Our Experts

If you had been searching for a reliable hosting service provider then Hostinger India is the right choice for you. There are several features that one must pay attention to before narrowing down the choice for a hosting service. They have to offer fast loading times and at a low cost. Hostinger India has been gaining popularity across the world as each day passes by.

But is that good? We need to compare it with other service providers as well to know that apart from learning more about its features. Presently the platform has around 29 million users across over 178 countries. In this Hostinger reviews article, we will discuss all about Hostinger & their service in full such as;

  1. Performance – A web hosting’s performance like Hostinger India matters the most as if you have nothing but good support & low budget hosting without good uptime & performance then it will not worthwhile.
  2. Reliability – Is your hosting provider reliable or not? Are they providing what they promised or not? Do they provide good uptime or not?
  3. Technical Support – No matter how Hostinger India is, if they do not solve your problems in a little time then it is waste of your time, money and will give you tremendous pressure.
  4. Pricing – Initial, Hidden & Renewal Pricing matter the most.

SHORT NOTE – Don’t you want to read whole article? If yes, then no problem. We always keep eye on all the hosting companies such Hostinger, BlueHost, Hostgator and more and found that Hostinger is one of the best, affordable, reliable, supportive and eco-friendly web host.

  1. We have placed Hostinger India at #1 out of 10.
  2. Gives 99.99% of uptime
  3. 24*7 Support across the world.
  4. Providing Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS and Minecraft web hosting.
  5. Starting at ₹59/mo.*
  6. Get a discount without any discount code by a visit through this link.

Now, without wasting time, Let’s dive into the deep barrel of the Hostinger reviews’ article to know learn more about it.

Money-Back Guarantee by Hostinger

In case you are not happy with the hosting services that Hostinger offers, you can easily get the money refund within 30 days of your registration.

Hostinger Money Back Guarantee

This is also one of the key tools that you can use for observing how your site will be performing through them. You are getting free hosting for straight 30 days.

Hostinger’s Online Store

If you are looking forward to the simplest way to launch an online store, then you can do so with ease through Hostinger. One can easily set-up, manage as well as grow the online business while remaining in one place. Hostinger offers Zyro that does all of the work for you. There are two package options that you can go for, both are of affordable rates. There are some differences and you can choose any as per your requirements.

Hostinger Online Store

a) eCommerce: You can begin your sale with this package. Although the cost is of $22.99 per month, you can always get great discounts, and currently, you can get this same package at $ 8.99 a month. Some of the important features include:

  • Selling of 100 Products.
  • All online payments are accepted.
  • Management of tax, full order, shipping, and inventory.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • It’s completely free from any commission.

b) eCommerce+: This is for people that are looking forward to growing their business. One can get it at $13.99 per month as there is a discount available right now. The original cost of this package is $ 29.99. Apart from the basic features that we mentioned in the above package, here you also get

  • Unlimited Products for sale.
  • Recovery of an abandoned cart.
  • Connection with your domain.
  • Multiple language stores.
  • You can also sell on Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.

c) Hostinger’s Website Builder: With Zyro, you can also build your website. There are two packages available called Basic (for a personal brand) and Unleashed (for business) that you can choose between. These are available at $ 1.99/month and $ 2.99/month respectively as there is an amazing sale going on right now. Features mainly differ in bandwidth and storage and unleashed is better here for just a dollar more.

You will be able to make your attractive website and as they don’t have cookie-cutter themes, you can be sure that your website will also be a unique one. You have all of the tools and freedom to make a website that fits perfectly as per your needs. You can also pick a free domain name if you are ready for putting the website over the web.

You can make your website in the following simple steps:

  1. Choose the templates that are pre-made for your business.
  2. Select the images, layout, words, or video that can be added too.
  3. Your website can go live now, and it’s time to spread the news.

Hence, aren’t you ready to go with Hostinger yet?

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Hostinger Hosting Plans

For any online project to be a successful one, there is a need for website hosting that’s secure, user friendly, and very fast. Hostinger India can help you with exactly that. One thing that you need to keep here in mind is that although they showcase the cost that you need to give per month, in reality, one has to make payments annually. And there will be added tax at the end, that you shouldn’t forget about. This can be a little annoying and especially seems like a mind trick.

1 – Shared Hosting

When one makes a comparison with other companies it is an affordable and cheaper option. They offer three packages that you can select as per your need:

Single Shared Package: This will be the ideal choice in case you are a beginner. You can get it right now for just $ 0.99/month as there is 90 percent off. The original cost is $ 9.99/month. Some of the features include:

  • 1 Website.
  • SSD storage of 10 GB.
  • 1 email account.
  • 2 Databases.
  • The bandwidth of 100 GB.

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This one is not the best package that you can take, but will be a good option if you are on a restricted budget.

Premium Shared Hosting: This package remains the most popular one and at $ 2.59/ month you get descent features. The non-discounted cost is $ 10.99/ month and this will be the right package for any personal website and also remains a popular option for most people. Features include:

  • 100 Websites.
  • SSD storage of 20 GB.
  • Unlimited Database.
  • SSH access.
  • Free email.
  • Free Domain.

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Business Shared Hosting: This is the package that has been optimized for any small business. This is why, Hostinger is considered as the best website hosting for small business. The original cost is $ 15.99/ month and you can get it right now for $ 3.99/month. Apart from the features of the package above there are added features that include:

  • SSD storage of 100 GB.
  • About 100,000 monthly visits.
  • Backups every day.
  • Free CDN.

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2 – WordPress Hosting

You will be able to find everything that you had been looking for linked with WordPress Hosting on Hostinger. You get secure, fast and an uptime that’s guaranteed for 99.99 %. This means that you get a hosting solution for WordPress that’s feature-rich. There are 4 plans that they offer and one can choose as per their specific needs:

Single WordPress: This will be the best solution if you are a beginner. The cost is $ 7.99 per month but you can get it for $ 1.99/month. Here are the top features of the plan:

  • 1 Website.
  • 1 mail Account.
  • SSD Storage of 10 GB.
  • The bandwidth of 100 GB.
  • Free SSL.
  • Managed WordPress.
  • Jetpack Free.

WordPress Starter: If you had been searching for a package that’s for a personal website then this is the one to go for. The features are:

  • 100 Websites.
  • 100 mail Accounts.
  • SSD Storage of 20 GB.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Free SSL as well as free Domain.
  • Managed WordPress
  • Jetpack Free.

Business WordPress: If you have a small to medium business then this is the right plan for you. The cost that you can get it for right now is $7.99 per month and we have reviewed hostinger’s renewal pricing which is also lower than any other hosting company. Features are better than the above packages and include:

  • SSD Storage of 100 GB.
  • Daily Backups.
  • LiteSpeed Cache.
  • WordPress Acceleration.
  • 100 Subdomains
  • WooCommerce

WordPress Pro: This is the best package that you can go for and costs $11.99 per month right now as they are offering a discount of 60 percent. This is a solution that will be great for revenue generation from the business. Apart from all of the features that we mentioned in the other packages you also get:

  • 300 Websites.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Jetpack Personal.
  • Unlimited MySQL Database.
  • Unlimited Cronjobs.

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3 – VPS Hosting

You can get budget-friendly VPS hosting that has the best reliability and high performance. This has been made for offering great speed. Here are the plans offered:

1 vCPU: You can save 60% off on this package right now and can currently get it for $3.95 per month. This is the basic package and recommended if you have a very low budget. Here are the vital features of this plan:

  • RAM of 1 GB.
  • SSD Disk space of 20 GB
  • The bandwidth of 1 TB
  • Dedicated IP.

2 vCPU: This is the most popular plan offered by the company. It costs $ 8.95/month. The specific features that make it different from the plan above are:

  • RAM of 2 GB
  • SSD Disk space of 40 GB
  • The bandwidth of 2 TB
  • Dedicated IP
  • Full Root Access.

3 vCPU: If the memory requirements are a bit higher then this can be a better plan. It costs $ 12.95 per month at a discounted price. The actual cost is $ 39.95 so you are getting a good deal. Here are some of the key features:

  • RAM of 3 GB.
  • SSD Disk space of 60 GB.
  • The bandwidth of 3 TB.
  • A Dedicated IP.

4 vCPU: As we see from the pattern above, there are slight improvements with each of the plans. This one offers:

  • RAM of 4 GB
  • SSD Disk space of 80 GB
  • The bandwidth of 4 TB.
  • Geekbench score of 8953.

6 vCPU: The plan will cost you $ 23.95 per month. This is also where you will observe a huge difference in the disk space.

  • RAM of 6 GB.
  • SS disk Space of 120 GB.
  • The bandwidth of 6 TB.

8 vCPU: This is the most expensive plan that Hostinger India offers but is feature-rich as well. The original cost is $ 129.95 but you will get amazing discounts on it right now. This will cost you $ 29. 95. So you can save up to 77 percent here. The plan includes:

  • RAM of 8 GB.
  • SSD Disk space of 160 GB.
  • The bandwidth of 8 TB.

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4 – Cloud Hosting

You can now experience cloud computing power that comes with ease of shared hosting. The best part is that the domain name is free with all of the hosting plans. Choose the one that fits well with your business requirements and the budget that you have.

Cloud Startup: You can get this plan for $ 9.99 per month. Here you get:

  • Unlimited Websites.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • SSD Storage of 100 GB.
  • RAM of 3 GB.
  • CPU Cores are 2.
  • Speed Boost.

Cloud Global: The plan was originally for a hundred dollars, right now you can get it for $ 56.99. So it will be a saving of more than forty percent. Apart from the features above, there are slight improvements like:

  • SSD Storage of 200 GB
  • RAM of 16 GB
  • CPU Cores are 8
  • Speed Boost is four times

Cloud Professional: This is the most popular among the client, mainly because it offers better features at budget-friendly prices.

  • SSD Storage of 140 GB
  • RAM of 6 GB.
  • CPU Cores are 4.
  • Twice Speed Boost.

Some of the popular Cloud Hosting features that you get are:

  1. Guaranteed Uptime of 99.99 %.
  2. High-speed performance.
  3. Best control Panel.

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5 – No Dedicated Server

Currently, Hostinger doesn’t offer a dedicated server hosting. However, you can also take a look at the VPS packages they provide.

Hostinger VS Godaddy

One of the factors that are in front of everyone is that GoDaddy has been known for being a better hosting company as there is a big advertising campaign that they have been running for a long time. But people that are in search of quality as compared to name recognition will certainly go with Hostinger India.

Hostinger VS Godaddy

The main reason for it is the stable environment that Hostinger India provides better features and at low costs. When you observe the genuine reviews by users Hostinger is a clear winner in comparison with GoDaddy or other hosting companies. Here are some important factors that will make you want to choose Hostinger over GoDaddy as well:

  1. When it comes to cost, Hostinger offers cheaper packages than GoDaddy.
  2. Quality support by Hostinger is better rated.
  3. Hostinger is beginner-friendly.
  4. The cost is reasonable when compared with other competitors as well.
  5. Most of the users of Hostinger have had a positive experience.
  6. The feature list they offer is impressive.
  7. The Uptime by Hostinger is 99.99 % which is way ahead of GoDaddy.
  8. Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate.
  9. Talking about webmail, Hostinger is way above GoDaddy.
  10. Hostinger is the leader in the category of WordPress Hosting.
  11. It also offers the fastest hosting for WordPress.
  12. There is complete customer support.
  13. You get high performance.
  14. They offer an SSL certificate for free.
  15. There is an integration of the Control Panel.

After doing detailed research on Godaddy & Hostinger review, we found that Hostinger is better than Godaddy.

Hostinger Technologies

Hostinger is always updated with the latest technology so that you are updated with everything that you expect. The company says that even though the technology is about faster hardware, there is a unique network architecture or the latest software solution they stay first amongst the people that implement it.

Hostinger Technologies

Apart from that here are technological details on Hostinger India:

The Global Centers of Data: The Hostinger servers have been deployed in7 varied regions. These are the US, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Lithuania, Indonesia, and Singapore. It helps the customer for enjoying low latency and has higher reliability as the deployment is well connected through datacenters at Tier 3.

  • Data Redundancy: Several levels make data on the servers well protected from any fails. There are RAID-10 and backups for keeping everything secure daily.
  • High Availability: All of the DC also has dual uplinks and there are multiple ISPs with it. The customers remain protected from any kind of attacks on a multiple layer level. Intelligent firewall and Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer remain at the switch levels. Then there is Imunify 360 and Bitninja on every server. Thirdly there is the optional Cloudflare available for every client account. The custom web server also rules for making sure that your website will remain safe from any attacks.
  • PHP HTTP: You will have better SEO, conversions, and visitor retention as there are the latest updates. This can help in serving about 3 times more requests every second.
  • Multi-Tier Cache: Hostinger India runs a unique cache deployment and has a multi-tier cache for the layer of web service (Nginx) and also a Memcached fork that’s from Twitter. This has been able to dramatically lower the loading times for the dynamic and also the static content. The CMS system like Joomla, WordPress are showing improvements ten times when the cache is enabled.
  • Scalable Architecture: The new server deployment time is varied for about 10 minutes. The bootstrap process of Hostinger is completely automated. You just have to press power and then plug the network cables in. The automation begins and the server is online.
  • Fully Managed: Hostinger ensures that all of its servers and the infrastructure are smoothly running. All of the packages remain updated. There are expert engineers on call and one can find them on Pagerduty. So, you can be sure that you are having an instant response to any issue or incident that happens. The predictive monitoring has also been set up for the prevention of any issues before it even happens.
  • Disaster Recovery: In a situation where you face an unplanned event, you will be able to get a restored account in just minutes. There is a setup for incremental and full backups that ensures that all of the data that you have will remain safe.

Hostinger Uptime

One of the major features that set Hostinger India apart from the competitors is the reasonably well Uptime. They offer 99.99 % Uptime with constant monitoring which is amazing. There is a very low chance of these numbers to get even a little bit lower.

Hostinger Uptime

There can be slight complaints during the holiday season, but nothing major. The best part is that Hostinger offers reimbursement of 5 percent in the monthly fees whenever you find a breach here. Chances are that this won’t happen and you will be pretty happy with the Uptime.

What is hPanel?

While me and my team were reviewing Hostinger, we got several phenomenal features and hPanel is one of them. For people that don’t know hPanel is the Control Panel that has been designed by Hostinger for the users. This is available for the Linux distributives.

Hostinger HPanel

The hPanel can presently be used for just hosting. There are all of the basic features available here that you might need. There are Database and file manager, email management, domain management, and zone editor.

One can also very easily manage the security of the account from here. You can set passwords and block IPs and also a complete configuration for hotlink protection. Apart from these choices, there is also the possibility of managing all of the products from one panel. For instance, you will be able to see the payment history, purchase new packages or upgradations.

Live Support

Again, one of the best features of Hostinger is the customer support they provide. Hostinger India offers all of the users complete support 24 hours a day and 365days a year. So, if any issues need an instant solution, you will be provided that.

Hostinger Live Chat Support

Visit here –

Hostinger & Web Cache and How to Use Lite Cache

In simple words, web caching will store the data on the server so that it can be used in the future. But how does this work? When you will open a website, the web caching will be gathering all of the data and transform it into an HTML file that you see opening in the browser.

Whenever you open the same website again, the cache will be loading a copy of it. This helps the servers for faster loading time and no overload times. Sure, when the website gets updated this process will begin again.

You need to remember two key points:

  1. Not each of the websites makes use of the cache.
  2. The cache might expire or might be removed manually.

Web caching is a good way or improving the performance of the WordPress site. One can also create the required code yourself, but this is something that everyone might not be able to achieve. There are some alternatives to this by Hostinger India.

You are provided WordPress hosting that has caching features as well. We have already discussed the various plans that you can go to.

Steps To Use Lite Cache:

All of the Hostinger India accounts have LiteSpeed Cache installed. Therefore, you can also skip this step. Although in case you have been using a different hosting service then here is what to do:

KB LiteSpeed Cache Manager

  1. Log in to your dashboard of WordPress website.
  2. Go to the Plugins section.
  3. Search “LiteSpeed cache”.
  4. Click on Install Now and then Activate.
  5. Press refresh and you will be able to see the LiteSpeed section over the Dashboard.

Domain Checker

If you had been searching for the right domain name and you haven’t been successful, the search tool on the website will be of immense help. You can easily get the ideal names for the domains with the tool. There are also special tips that you can try for making sure that you are creative and land up for having the best domain name possible. If you go for business and premium plans you can even get the domain name for free.

Domain Transfer

You can easily transfer the domain with the following steps:

  1. Select the domain that you need to transfer.
  2. You just have to enter the name and then click Transfer.
  3. Go ahead with the purchase.
  4. You will be now redirected towards the member area.
  5. Now enter the EPP code and click on confirm the transfer.
  6. The EPP code has to be obtained from the present provider.
  7. Confirm the transfer email that you get.
  8. You will get a confirmation email from the domain registry.

Website Builder & Free Domain Review

Making use of Zyro is very simple. Here are the steps:

  1. You have to first register if your goal is to build a website. You can even check the website builder without account registering, but the website won’t go live.
  2. Select a template. The template library is huge.
  3. Customize the template with Zyro.
  4. Publish your website.

Note – If you don’t want your website on any website builder, then keep remember that we at XplorMedia, provide web design services. We have 8+ years of experience and are providing service across the world.

Free Domain Name

Hostinger works hard or making sure you are successful. You also get a free domain name by Hostinger India. Keep in mind that this is for people that choose their Business or Premium plans for web hosting. You can get a .net or .com free of cost for one year.

This will make sure that you have all of the tools needed for perfectly starting the online business that you want. The best part is that all of this gets completed within minutes.

Do We Recommend Hostinger?

YES!! After reviewing each and every aspect of Hostinger, we highly recommend Hostinger India as there several reasons for it. In case you had been in search of having an affordable hosting solution, then this will be a good choice for you. The performance and speed they offer are impressive.

One can get easy access to the support team whenever you need them. The agents are very knowledgeable and responsive as well. As there is a lack of many advanced options with hosting on other service providers, you can see for yourself that Hostinger does provide you complete value for money services.

Without wasting your time, just Signup Hostinger Now!

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Hostinger is Lithuania based web hosting company founded in 2004 which has over 29 million users in present time. It is one of the cheapest & reliable web hosting company across the globe and also provides free hosting through

Hostinger offers different types of hosting at different prices like shared hosting starts from ₹59/mo. whereas cloud hosting from ₹599/mo.

XplorMedia is digital marketing company and providing service for last 8 years. Meanwhile, we have seen and heard a lot of bad hosting experiences of our clients which is why, we had decided to do a proper research and start providing better hosting reviews.

When we were writing on Hostinger reviews, we read lots of articles, reviews, suggestions & user’s experiences then we came to the conclusion that Hostinger is best for all except in case of dedicated server as they do not offer it right now.

Yes, they do provide 30-days no questioning money-back guarantee that makes them better and unique. If you are not happy with Hostinger India’s hosting service then return it within 30 days without losing your money.

Yes, they provide 24*7 support service without any delay but hard part is that they don’t have call support but still they provide tremendous support service.

As much as we compared Hostinger & Godaddy, we found that Hostinger is way better than Godaddy. At certain points, Godady is ahead of Hostinger but when we talk about overall ratings, Hostinger India is superior then Godaddy.

  • First Godaddy is costlier than Hostinger and also it’s renewable price.
  • Both has almost same uptime.
  •  Godaddy is like big truck in car racing whereas Hostinger is formula one racing car.
  • Most of the bloggers, website’s owners, hosting reviewers and real time users recommend Hostinger instead of Godaddy.

Getting the right information on the way one can point a domain name to Hostinger is vital. This is especially true if you have been using the server but have got a domain from any other source. Here is a simple guide for making sure that you are easily connected with the service. The two main paths for pointing a domain name to Hostinger are:

At The Domain Name Registrar, You Can Change The Name Servers: This is a method that you can go for as the DNZ zone gets automatically configures for matching the IP address of hosting. Additionally, it also helps in transferring the domain setting control to the hPanel and this makes the management convenient.

Domain Name Pointing Through A Record: This will be a method where you have to change the IP address that’s connected with DNS records. This way, the domain control remains in the registrar. Until you are sure that the IP address will be static, this method isn’t recommended.

Undoubtedly, Yes! After reviewing Hostinger, we suggest all to use Hostinger for their website & blog.