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Virtual Reality Services

Virtual Reality is a top-notch computer system process derived by combining two words, Virtual and Reality. Although anybody can understand what Virtual Reality is by having a look at its name, it is a process of creating a virtual world around us. The complexity of that virtual world is so advanced that it feels we are living in it.

Initially, plenty of emulators are being developed and used for getting started with virtual Reality. Various applications are being developed on this near reality system that enhances the overall experience for all the users.

In short, we can say Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional computer-generated environment within which a person can actually feel being in that situation.

Why Choose XplorMedia’s VR Services?

Virtual Reality Development Company

XplorMedia is one of the leading virtual reality service providers, and our team has dealt with diverse challenges under virtual reality development-based projects of the clients. Our team has brilliant VR specialists who are equipped with top-notch VR software and techniques for offering impressive assistance to global industries.

We offer an amazing virtual reality experience to the users with the help of impressive integration of 3D technology. The expert team at XplorMedia will listen to the client’s idea, and right after thoroughly getting the idea, we will share inputs from our side to make the final product outstanding.

There are seamless benefits of choosing our VR services. Let us have a look at them:

  • We precisely discuss objectives with our clients; hence this maintains clarity between the client and us.
  • Our team gets started with the planning and effective management of the approved project.
  • High-quality 3D art production is integrated with the help of top-quality software and technique.
  • Before getting started with us, we share samples with our clients for feedback.
  • All sorts of testing and carried forward for better quality and productivity.

What do we do?

Our major focus is to enable businesses to drive maximum value using immersive virtual reality technologies. Services offered by us are:

  • Augmented Reality: When live videos are combined with computer-generated pictures & images, that’s where AR is being used.
  • Virtual Reality: 3D models, animations, applications, and hardware are combined to generate virtual Reality. It makes us feel like living in a virtual world.
  • Mixed Reality: When a perfect blend of the physical and digital blend is carried forward, it is considered mixed Reality. Products developed in it are made up of light.
  • Haptics: Haptics are the forces and motions that are generated around us to make us believe the virtual reality programs.

Virtual reality services that we offer:

We provide a complete range of virtual reality solutions based on client’s requirements. It includes:

  • Interactive virtual tours: With the help of our exact and interactive virtual tools support, the user would be able to get a customized experience, enhancing the brand presence.
  • Telepresence: Our virtual reality development experts can even help you with telepresence, with which you can experience life in real-world locations from anywhere in the world.
  • Video mapping: With video mapping, we can help the audience create a video display for promotional or live events. Under this process, our team combines video projection, 3d graphics, and VR.
  • 3d VR showroom: We create virtual 3d showrooms for an enhanced customer experience. Moreover, this helps in generating higher leads, along with an impressive conversion rate.
  • Training utilities: We offer 360-degree training videos and VR approaches that help us deliver stunning content, hence improves the learning experience.
  • 3d VR games: Under our VR gaming service our team generates an impressive gaming experience by adding 3d game characters to life with virtual reality integration. Not only this but one can also play Minecraft games with high resolution.
  • 360 degrees: While working on AR/VR projects, we have a look at a 360-degree aspect for enhancing the final product that leads to higher leads generation.
  • Training videos: With our training video-based content, we can deliver high-quality content such as promotional, leads generating, and more.

Our process:

Your field expertise will not take you anywhere if you do not have a systematic approach to your work. Hence here at XplorMedia, we work with a four-step easy processing system which is as follows:

  • Define: This is the initial step in which our team carries forward a precise discussion session and the client to know everything about their idea about the required product.

Although this process does not end up in just one session, plenty of sessions are carried forward. Hence, during the product development stage, we love to hear inputs from the client as well.

We consider this stage the most important one, as, without this step, we would not know about the instructions by our clients to be followed during the process.

  • Design: Now, right after the defining process, we move to the designing stage, under which we design a personalized product for the client based on our inputs. Although the client lets us know everything about the product, but for enhancing the final outcome, we try to add-on from our side.

Moreover, right after creating an outline for the product, we discuss the same with the client and ask about our changes. If the client shares an approval with us, then we are good to go.

  • Delivery: Our team makes sure that you can get your product delivered within the given deadline. Moreover, our systematic approach for the work helps us deliver the product on time always.
  • Develop: We are not the ones whose work gets completed after the delivery of the product, but we take proper care of the product from our end. Along with that, if there are any changes to be made in the product after delivery, then we are here to help you out.

Benefits of Choosing us:

We at XplorMedia work for customer satisfaction and make sure the user is able to get more than expected quality services from us. Some other benefits of choosing us are as follows:

  • All our solutions/plans are customized for a specific client based on their requirements. Hence that’s the reason they can get their exact requirement fulfilled.
  • Formatting of the products is extremely important, and with Virtual Reality Modeling Language support, you can expect realistic and well-formatted products every time.
  • We make sure to develop the product within the given time frame and assure you no delays would be made ever.
  • Our team uses high-quality and complex technologies with the help of which you can get the best possible outcomes. Hence, we make sure to integrate the latest developed features for the betterment of the product.
  • Customizability and affordability are the two main characters you can take advantage of while working with us. Both of these factors depend upon the project requirement and type.

Why Should Care About Virtual Reality Company?

Most virtual Reality project-based clients do not invest their time figuring out the right virtual reality development company for their requirements. Hence that’s the reason they are unable to get the best possible products at the end.

But when you are trying to get the best developed VR-based products to make sure to select the right company, one should always take care of this small but crucial step. Here are a few things that you need to check in a company before getting started with virtual reality services:

  • Try to discuss the project with a virtual reality service provider initially, and fetch their ideas and response on your project. By this method, you would know about the kind of expertise a VR development company has; moreover, if they are offering you the right advice related to your product, you can get started with them.
  • The next factor to look at is the technologies being used by the company. You can have a look at the technologies being used by them and know about the kind of final outcomes you can get.

You should always go with the one who keeps on updating their technologies used for integration of the latest features and support in the products.

  • You can even look at the previous projects completed by a company, and if you can notice similar requirements getting fulfilled by them as your requirement, you can keep that virtual reality company in mind for your project.
  • At last, you should always have a look at the company’s reviews; you would be able to know about the pros and cons of the company with this small step.

Impact of AR/VR in Industries:

  • Automotive: With the integration of AR/VR, the automotive industry procedures have been completely changed and advanced. Now everything is being integrated with a system, and processes are being carried forward by computers based on AR/VR results.
  • Manufacturing: The overall system of production and record-keeping is getting advanced and easy with the help of AR/VR.
  • Education: Students can learn everything thoroughly without getting out of their house by using AR/VR based products.
  • Retails: Record keeping in retails is the primary factor that is impacted by AR/VR.
  • Travel & Hospitality: Procedures for travel and hospitality are getting more comfortable, and everything is approachable to everyone nowadays.