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Local SEO Packages & Pricing India

Budgeting for Local SEO takes into account a lot of factors and is one of the most common questions we face.

Following are some of the factors that might affect your budget:

  1. The number of locations your business has
  2. The competition you face in the local market and the behavior of your consumer
  3. The quantity and popularity of your products and services
  4. Your expectations in terms of annual revenue, customer conversions etc.

So, how much should I budget for Local SEO?

It can range anywhere between $100 to $2000 per month. But the most important factor out of them all is your return on investment.

You can achieve high ROI with a good Local SEO firm and XplorMedia will help you exactly with the same. Our affordable Local SEO packages will help you get the maximum benefits from your investments. See our very affordable Local SEO Services Pricing and make the best choice for your business!

We believe in 100% transparency. Thus, no matter which pricing package you go with, we always keep reporting to our clients about how things are working.

You can also contact us for any other further guidance.

Professional local SEO Pricing

We at XplorMedia are the pioneers in the field of Local SEO services in India with experience of more than 8 years. We have delightfully served more than 1500 happy customers and are on a mission to provide quality Local SEO packages at a budget-friendly Local SEO pricing to help businesses boost their sales and take advantage of the power of the Internet.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO focuses on attracting the customer to the physical location of the business. Businesses who want to attract local customers can benefit a lot from Local SEO. For example, a barber can take advantage of Local SEO to let the people living near his/her know the exact location of the barbershop.

We get really happy when we see our customers reaping the benefits of our Local SEO Packages.

This helped them attract more local consumers and hence increase their overall revenue. Since their service/product consumers are local they act as continuous streams of income for them as the consumers generally will prefer to visit the nearby barbershop to save time on the commute. We have built our cost-effective SEO packages for Local service providers to keep in mind their pocket.

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Have you ever searched for queries like?

Best restaurants near me

Best dentistry near me

If you have then the restaurants or dentistry that have taken the benefits of Local Search Engine Optimization would have appeared among the top organic results in the search engines or Google, Bing, or any other search engines’ map. Just like the below image.


Local SEO Search Result

Clearly, these businesses will have an edge over others in the online space. Local SEO helps in increasing the customer base and customer retention is very high since they live nearby these businesses. With our analysis and strategies, we are able to come up with top keywords the local consumers might be using and hence giving personalized solutions to our customers at very low Local SEO costs.

Local SEO helps small businesses in competing with giant MNCs. Search engines favor the results of local businesses with a concrete geographical location over them. Proximity to goods and time was taken to purchase the goods plays a huge role in impacting customers’ decision to buy them.

Hence investing in our Local Business SEO Packages is a very good opportunity for local businesses to increase their reach. However, if you want to do something more than Local SEO then there are terms like Enterprise SEO, National SEO, eCommerce SEO, Small Business SEO & SEO.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Search engines like Google use inbuilt algorithms to rank the thousands of sites present on the web-based on several factors or parameters. When you search for something the search engines with the help of these algorithms display the top results to you. An SEO optimized site has a more chance of being in the top search results than a site that is not optimized.

We understand that factors used for Local SEO are very different from the Factors used by normal SEO. Hence when we devise solutions keeping in mind how our Local SEO services will help our customers attract large numbers of local consumers. However, if you are still not impressed yet, then read the whole post and assure you that you will choose our SEO package.

Mobile Searches Result

Google understands that consumers would like to avail products and services which are near to them. Proximity of a business to the customer plays a huge role in SEO ranking. Hence just adding geographic location of their businesses helps to significantly increase the ranking.

What Is The Role of Local Listings In SEO?

Local listing helps to boost your SEO since you can list your website URL in the listings. This helps in increasing your inbound leads and increases your brand awareness to local consumers.

Most consumers prefer having a local presence of the business they want to avail themselves the products and services from somewhere nearby. By working on your online profile, we will help you generate good traffic to your website since Google gives a huge emphasis on the quality of the information.

XplorMedia helps you in making sure your Google Listings are well incorporated and are accurate, helping you reap the benefits of high inbound leads. Accurate information means good reviews and hence it will increase your SEO ranking even more.

Why Is Nap And User Experience Crucial To SEO?

NAP helps local customers to easily trace the physical addresses of the local businesses and hence enhancing the user experience.

Google values the sites which provide accurate information and hence ranking them higher in the search engine. We provide professional NAP submission which aids in increasing customer conversions.

Local Search Visit A Store

Good user experience also means that the consumer won’t think twice before contacting you to avail of the products and services again. We guide our customers in making sure their consumers find it easy to access them and their business location.

How Important Is Google My Business?

Most of the local search is done using Search Engines and Google is currently the most popular search engine. Ranking high in search results will lead to more visibility and increase customer conversion. There are many factors involved in ranking your website higher in the search engines.

Search Queries In Four Words

According to research, about 58% of mobile users consider local search results desirable. A Google Local SEO firm like XplorMedia makes sure that the consumer has a good experience when searching for your contact details on his/her phone. A good user experience means a higher probability of customer conversion.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

A local SEO cost can range anywhere between 100 dollars to 5000 dollars. We at XplorMedia focus on giving you a very high return on investment and our Local SEO packages in India are very budget friendly. Choose the packages which serve the best for your company. We are happy to help you with further guidance.

Local SEO
No. of Keyword
Top 10 Gurantee (%)*
In-Depth Site Analysis
Duplicate Content Check
Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Baseline Ranking Check
Keyword URL Mapping
Broken Links Check
Google Penalty Check
Buy Now
Upto 5 Keywords
Buy Now
Upto 10 Keywords
Buy Now
Upto 20 Keywords
Buy Now

On Page Optimization

Canonicalization YES YES YES
Header (H1) Tags Optimization No YES YES
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Image & Hyperlink Optimization No YES YES
Robots.Txt Creation/Analysis YES YES YES
Xml Sitemap/Analysis YES YES YES
Google Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up) YES YES YES
Google Analytics Set Up (if not setup) YES YES YES
Title & Meta Tags Optimization 5 Pages 10 Pages 20 Pages
Existing Web Content Optimization YES YES YES
Fresh Web Content Suggestions* (writing charges extra) YES YES YES
Schema Implementation for Contact Address YES YES YES
Geo Targeting (via GWT & Code) YES YES YES
Address add to current website page[s] (if applicable) No YES YES
Desktop Page Speed Optimization* No YES YES
Google Analytics Conversion Setup No YES YES
Schema Implementation for Logo Reviews No YES YES
Location Based Page Analysis No YES YES

Local Search Optimization

Google My Business Setup & Verification YES YES YES
Google Places – Photo/Multimedia additions YES YES YES
Business Listings / Local Citations 3 4 7
Bing Local Listing Setup No YES YES
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 2 3

Content Marketing (per month)

Article Writing No 1 1
Blog Writing 1 1 2
PDF Creation 1 1 1
Classified Writing 1 2 3

Off Page Optimization

Article Submission No 1 1
Blog Submission 1 1 2
PDF / Doc Submission 2 3 5
Article Promotion No 5 5
Blog Promotion 2 5 10
PDF Promotion 1 3 5
Classified Submissions 10 10 15
Blog Commenting 1 1 2
Search Engine Submission YES YES YES
Q & A 1 1 2
Social Bookmarking 3 5 10
Profile Listing 2 3 5

Monthly Reporting

Search Engine Rank Report YES YES YES
SEO Activity Reports YES YES YES
Google Analytics Report YES YES YES
Google My Business (GMB) Insights Report YES YES YES

Customer Support

Email, Chat, Phone YES YES YES
Project Management Tool Tracking YES YES YES

* Page Speed depends on website theme and platform
** Setup suggestion will be shared with client for implementation
*** Client needs to provide videos

Why Is Local SEO Important?

Consumers are increasingly relying on search engine results to avail products or services.

Google provides higher rankings to businesses who are present near these consumers and hence Local SEO is important so that local businesses are able to increase their brand visibility and increase their customer base.

Save your time and hassle by opting for a premium Local SEO firm like XplorMedia which will help you reach your business to new heights

How To Optimize My Google My Business Profile?

In order to improve your Google My Business profile, it is important to increase the reviews on your profile and respond to all of them, provide accurate information about your business, avoid unethical ways of optimizing profile, etc. We take care that our customers have verified their locations and added photos to their business profiles to boost their visibility.

Global Search Traffic

We at XplorMedia help you in optimizing your GMB profile by deploying ethical strategies and using the latest GMB tools.

What Is The Impact of Reviews On Local Ranking?

Review plays a crucial part in your local ranking since they help Google help your website better and Google ranks the sites high that have a high volume of quality reviews.

Local SEO can highly benefit from reviews since they help you distinguish you from your competitors and increase your relevancy to the local consumers.

We help our customers keep a tab on their review section, making sure to reply to every review to increase engagement.

XplorMedia Is A Pioneer In Local SEO

XplorMedia with its experience, expertise, and zeal strives to help local businesses flourish among their local customers. We value your trust in us and are here to provide you with maximum benefit for your investments.

Local SEO is not an option anymore but a need in this digital world. Our team will work with you at every step to make sure that you get nothing but the best services and guidance.

Our Local SEO packages are budget-friendly and will serve you exactly what you need. Our packages promise you the best return on investment in local Google SEO which you won’t find anywhere else.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level?, Contact our team today.

We’re excited to help you reach more qualified, local leads and revenue!

Come be a part of more than 1500 happy customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO helps in increasing the visibility of the website of your business to your local customers in the search engines.

Google takes proximity into account when ranking the pages and hence if your business has provided geographical location to Google the customers around that location will be able to see your page more easily. This gives local businesses an edge over MNCs in search engine ranking.

If you are looking for a firm that improves your presence in the online space significantly and provides you guidance at each step then you should definitely consider opting for XplorMedia Local SEO services.

XplorMedia has been a prominent digital marketing firm in the field of Local SEO since 2012. We have consistently delivered successful results to over 1500 clients.

Our SEO team is highly skilled and experienced in their fields. Having experts by your side will give a competitive edge and XplorMedia Local SEO services promise you the same.

If you want to increase your customer base, rank higher on the search engines, and be the most visible local business in your niche then XplorMedia Local SEO service is the best option for you.

Local SEO packages can vary based on a lot of factors. For best return on investment go for XplorMedia Local SEO services.

Avail our services to boost your business and so that you never need to worry about getting inbound leads!

We are living in a world which is revolutionizing digitally. Online consumerism is on the rise and hence local business owners should take advantage of it.

We devise personalized plans which help your local consumers easily contact you.

To make your business visible to your local customers, rank it higher in the search engines, and drive more sales you should definitely consider opting for XplorMedia Local SEO services.

Yes, we are a customer-centric firm and provide you with the option to upgrade your Local SEO plan later.

With our top-notch services, you will be able to see improvement in the ranking of your site within 90 days and observe your site getting a good ranking within 180 days.

Avail our services today so that you are not late to see how beneficial local SEO is for your business!

Citations are the online mention of your business which contains the name of your business, address and phone number. They are like a directory for search engine users.

XplorMedia helps in delivering premium citation with its competitive Local SEO business pricing. This is because Citation in context to SEO plays a very important role in ranking your sites in local search. The accuracy, quality, and quantity of your citation can affect its ranking in the search engine results.