1. Keep an eye on customer behavior. You might need to spend more money on tools and a bunch of resources to gather information about customer behavior. Remember last year when Target made the news for knowing that one of its customers, a teenage girl was pregnant- before her parents found out? Such understanding of customer behavior is critical.
  2. Operate more social networks. Ask your visitors to create an account on your site using Twitter or Facebook. That way you will gather lots of information about them, including their age, location, contact information, interests and more.
  3. Analyze that information. Have a third party site analyze the ton of information you have such as email and contacts using advanced tools to get more detailed profiling data which should give you their income, the size of the household, trends and more. This will allow you to map out a more effective marketing plan for future products.

There’s a lot more you can do to prepare for changes in search engine optimization, but this should get you moving in the right direction.