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How To Build Email Marketing Database

Gone are the days when television ads, billboard advertisement, newspaper pamphlets, telephone calls etc. were the only way to promote or sell your product. With an annual increase of digital marketing investment size by 17.6 per cent, Companies and startups have realised that the need of the hour is the digitalization of their marketing tactics. Marketing online using social media has several benefits foremost of them being a huge reduction in marketing cost. It’s now possible to market the products or service to only the target audience and get a much better return on investment as compared to the traditional means of publicizing products. But there is one small glitch in this marketing strategy, the social media platform where you build your community is very vulnerable, your account can be closed down if the algorithm thinks that you are not obeying the current setup rules and regulation. So, what’s the safest way to not risk the community you have to build with so much hard work and investment?

The answer is to keep an Email Marketing database which is a list of names and email id of your community or your potential customers which will keep your business alive.

Here are the other reasons which prove that how keeping an Email Marketing Database is indispensable for anyone looking to sell his product or services-

#1. Safer Than Social Media

Even if tomorrow you lose your social media handle due to some policy changes, you can still keep in touch with your prospective customers and not lose all your years of perseverance.

#2. Cost Effective

You don’t need video editor or graphic designers and relevant tools and software. All you need is a good emailing software which will help you send bulk mail and if required a good copywriter. Since emailing is more personal and professional, client acquisition becomes very easy.

#3. Quantifiable And Personisable

It’s very easy to track who opened your mail and clicked on which link

You can also target your mail according to the city your customer lives in, age etc.

But how can we build an email marketing database?

The following list of options will help you with this query

#4. Offer A Product Or Service For Free

This could be a webinar, a consultancy session or something as simple as a checklist. People love free stuff especially if it adds value to their lives. It’s one of the popular ways in which creators or influencer build their email list. By offering a free product or service you are also gaining their trust, which is important if when you aim for customer acquisition.

#5. Newsletter

The newsletter contains information about the interest of the community. If you have a good following or network you can offer them to subscribe to your newsletter and hence in exchange you receive their email ids and other necessary information.

#6. Landing Page

A landing page is one of the best ways to acquire an emailing database. Before the prospective customer enters your landing page to acquire the information you can ask them to sign up. This highly depends on the quality of articles/content you have on your page, relevancy and ranking on the search engine. You can also place call to action button and give incentives for them to sign up for example many educators provide demo tutorials on their web and offer them for free if the student signs up.

#7. Contests

Another popular medium you can host a contest with attractive prizes on your social media handles. The user will provide the information to play the game and voila your customer database increases.

#8. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads help you immensely to narrow down your demographics increasing your probability of convertible customer. You can see fast results, acquire new reach and hence increase your databases with more targeted prospects. Build something online that is beneficial and attractive, market it using Facebooks ads, make your prospects sign up to access the content and, in this way, your Email Marketing database will have a good increase in probable clients.

The best part about Email list is people have the email ids for years on end, they might stop using Facebook or Instagram but since email is an integral part of their professional lives, committing to making an Email Marketing Database is always the safest option to keep interacting with your prospects.