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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

In today’s world, digital marketing is ubiquitous. We constantly find ourselves scrolling through our phones, receiving push notifications from apps like Zomato or stumbling across quirky social media posts from Tinder. Ads seem to be everywhere we look. In short, digital marketing is everywhere and requires a combination of logical thinking and creativity, making it an extremely in-demand career option.

Organizations are heavily relying on digital marketing to market their products and services of their organization. They are in search of skilled digital marketers who can help them connect with audiences and achieve marketing goals.

We will also walk you through all the necessary steps to kickstart your career in the field of digital marketing. In this guide, we have listed the various career options you can choose from and the skillsets you will require to make a career in this field.

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Here are some reasons why you should consider opting for a career in digital marketing:

Rapid growth of the digital landscape: 

The rapid growth of digitization has made digital marketing essential for businesses worldwide. With the onset of Covid-19, many businesses adapted to digital marketing to generate leads and connect with customers. This shift made businesses realize the potential of digital marketing as a highly effective channel to connect with customers and generate leads.

You’ve probably seen many law firms promoting their businesses online by sharing content about common laws that citizens should know about. Video marketing has helped these firms establish themselves as experts and ultimately generate more clients.

High demand for professionals in this field: 

As mentioned earlier, there is a high demand for skilled digital marketing professionals, and this trend is expected to continue growing in the upcoming years. As per an article, India’s digital industry will produce more than 20 lakh career opportunities and is reported to grow at an average rate of 14% annually.

A variety of employment options are available:

There are several employment options in the vast field of digital marketing. You can choose to work as a general digital marketing executive or specialize in a particular area, such as social media marketing, SEO, or content production.

For example: if you enjoy designing and writing, you could work in social media marketing, if you have a talent for mathematics and problem-solving, working in paid ads and media planning may be the ideal fit for you.

Paths to Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

There are various ways you can kickstart your career in digital marketing. The following are some of the most prevalent routes:

Digital Marketing Courses: 

Joining digital marketing programs can be a smart move for obtaining the skills and information you need to get started in this industry. Several online and offline courses cover many components of digital marketing and are easily available online.

You can choose from a variety of courses available online. IIDE is one such reputed institute in India that offers various digital marketing courses. They are well-known for their placements and student culture. If you want to gain expertise, consider opting for their postgraduate certification in digital marketing. This course is designed to equip you with industrial knowledge and practical learning.


Internships provide you with hands-on experience in digital marketing and can be an excellent way to get your foot ahead. Many companies offer digital marketing internships, and you can gain valuable experience and skills by working with professionals in the field. Use websites like Linkedin or Indeed and apply for these internships.


Freelancing is an excellent way to gain experience and build your portfolio. You can offer your services as a digital marketer aspirant on freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr and work with clients from all over the world.

Entry-level Positions: 

Entry-level positions such as digital marketing assistant or digital marketing intern can be an excellent way to kickstart your career in this field of digital marketing. The skills you need to succeed in digital marketing are taught in these positions.

Skills that you need for a Career in Digital Marketing

You need to have a variety of talents if you want to thrive in digital marketing.

The following are some of the crucial abilities you must possess

Understanding Data Analytics: 

Because digital marketing relies heavily on data, you must be able to interpret that data and use it to guide your decisions. You ought to be well-versed in tools like Google Analytics and other analytical software.

Creating Content:

You should be able to produce captivating content that appeals to your target audience because content is such an essential component of digital marketing. You should have a strong grasp of content marketing and outstanding writing abilities.

Optimizing for search engines (SEO):

The process of optimizing web pages for search engines such as Google is known as SEO. It is also an essential aspect of digital marketing. You should be able to optimize web pages for search engines and comprehend SEO.

Social media promotion:

Because social media is a powerful tool for digital marketing, you should have a strong grasp of all the platforms and know how to use them for marketing purposes.

Communication Skills: 

Working with a team and interacting with clients is an important aspect of digital marketing, therefore having strong communication skills is necessary for effectively sharing your ideas and tactics with potential clients.


Digital marketing necessitates originality, and you should be able to think outside the box in order to come up with novel ideas and solutions.

Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast field, and there are many opportunities available for professionals in this field.

Here are some of the most common opportunities:

Digital Marketing Manager: 

Digital marketing managers oversee all digital marketing campaigns and strategies and are responsible for driving traffic and leads to a company’s website.

Social Media Manager: 

Social media managers are responsible for managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and creating engaging content to attract followers and increase engagement.

Content Marketing Manager: 

Content marketing managers are responsible for creating and managing content marketing campaigns and strategies that attract and engage the target audience.

SEO Specialist: 

SEO specialists are responsible for optimizing websites for search engines such as Google, and they work to improve the website’s ranking in search engine results from pages.

Email Marketing Manager: 

Email marketing managers are responsible for creating and managing email marketing campaigns and strategies that target the company’s audience.


Starting a career in digital marketing can be an exciting and rewarding journey. By acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, choosing the right path, and taking advantage of the opportunities available in this field, you can build a successful career in digital marketing.

Remember, starting a career in digital marketing requires patience, hard work, and dedication. With the right skills and mindset, you can overcome any challenges and succeed in this exciting field. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a digital marketing professional!


Ques.1 What is digital marketing, and why is it important? 

Digital marketing is a field that encompasses various activities such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and paid advertising. It is essential because it helps businesses reach their target audience and drive traffic and leads to their website.

Ques.2 What skills do I need to start a career in digital marketing?

To start a career in digital marketing, you need to have skills such as analytics, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, communication, and creativity.

Ques.3 What are the different paths to starting a career in digital marketing?

The different paths to starting a career in digital marketing include taking digital marketing courses, internships, freelancing, and entry-level positions.

Ques.4 What are the opportunities available in digital marketing?

The opportunities available in digital marketing include digital marketing manager, social media manager, content marketing manager, SEO specialist, and email marketing manager.