Free And Paid SEO Tools

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Webmaster
  3. Google Tag Manager
  4. Google PageSpeed Insights
  5. Google Keyword Planner
  6. Google Trends
  7. Google Business
  8. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  9. SEMrush
  10. Google Alerts
  11. Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  12. Google Disavow Tool
  13. Google Lighthouse
  14. Bing SEO Analyzer
  15. Bing Markup Validator
  16. Bing Keyword Research Tool
  17. Bing Webmaster & Analytics
  18. Bing Submit URLs
  19. Answer The Public
  20. Ahrefs Keyword Generator
  21. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar
  22. Ahrefs Backlink Checker
  23. Keyword Surfer
  24. Rank Math
  25. SERPSim
  26. Merkle Schema Markup Generator
  27. Alexa
  28. Backlink watch
  30. Cloudflare
  31. GTMetrix
  32. Pingdom Tools: Website Speed Test
  33. Smush
  34. Where Goes?
  35. Robots.txt Generator
  36. SERPTrends
  37. MOZ
  38. BuzzStreamWayback Machine
  39. SEOJet
  40. Yoast
  41. Ubersuggest
  43. BuzzSumo
  44. MozCast
  45. Link Redirect Trace
  46. SEOlyzer
  47. SEOquake
  48. SimilarWeb
  49. WebpageTest
  51. Keyworddit
  52. KWFinder
  53. sitelin
  54. Copyscape
  56. Google Web Dev
  57. Buffer
  58. Hootsuite
  59. Majestic
  60. Woorank
  61. Moz Local Check Business Listing
  62. SEObility
  64. Serpstat
  65. Sitebulb
  66. Mailchimp
  67. Mondovo
  68. Wordstream
  69. Pixabay
  70. Pexels
  71. Grammarly
  74. lightshot
  75. Penguin Tool
  76. Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Hello Guys,

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In this article, we will be going to share the top 77 SEO free as-well-as paid tools that you should have to know to make your SEO more powerful and comfortable.

First, we made a list of 101 SEO tools and removed unnecessary ones. So, now we have a list of the top 77 SEO Tools and resources that may allow you to do a better SEO and compete in this Internet world.

Are you ready to read this article?

I humbly want to know your thoughts and suggestions. So kindly comment.

Let us dive into the deep sea of SEO tools in 2021.

Google Analytics

Why did I put Google Analytics as the first tool for SEO? The reason is its performance.

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to analyze the data of the website. It gives you functioning to check your data like where visitors come from, is your website mobile-friendly, the most popular web pages, real-time users visited your website, which age group visits your website the most, gender, bounce rate, and much more.

You can perform A/B testing with Google Analytics by adding two different contents on your website and analyze them through Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Dashboard

From day one, you should have to use Google Analytics. It is the tool that digital marketers use to check the organic performance of the website.

In a busy schedule with the Google analytics app (For Android & iPhone and iPad), you can evaluate and maintain your website performance.

Google Webmaster

Like Google Analytics, it is also free and developed by Google. It allows you to perform better SEO practice.

When I were a beginner in this SEO world, I would confuse between Google analytics and Google webmaster. But don’t worry, I will try to make it all clear.

When Google analytics talks about the number of visitors, Google webmaster shows how many times your website has seen on search engines (Google).

Google webmaster helps us finding out all website errors and lets you know what is wrong with your site.

Google Webmaster Features

  1. Measure traffic and performance
  2. Show Coverage issues and help to fix them.
  3. Enhancement
  4. Analyze clicks, keywords position, total impressions, avg. CTR and more.
  5. URL Inspection – Get details of your web-page crawl, index, and serving.
  6. Mobile Usability – It helps you know whether your website works properly on mobile/tablet or not.
  7. Sitemaps – Adding a sitemap lets Google which web page you have that they need to index.
  8. Manual actions – If you are flagged by manual penalties because of neglecting SEO rules, you will be notified. There is a team of Google who keeps an eye on websites that perform unwanted tasks. Like creating po#n or spammy links, adds thin contents, and more. No manual actions mean no need to worry but always check notifications related to the same.

Google Webmaster

Verify your website’s ownership by adding verification code, seems something like “<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”/>” and you are done. It will start showing your website performance and errors so you can rectify them accordingly.

Google Tag Manager

It is one of the rich Google tools in terms of features that I do not use it.


It is free but complicated and does not recommend using bloggers and small websites that newly started their online business.

I added it to the list to give you a quick interview over this tool. I agree with the fact that Google tag manager is cool, and one should know if they are going to work in an eCommerce industry or for something big project.

Google tag manager is an upgraded version of Google Analytics that allows you to add and manage marketing tags (generating heat maps, rich snippets & tracking pixels) to get better control over your website.

There are several features in Google analytics that are not accessible without Google tag manager.

Google tag manager helps you to track the website audience, retarget them, and take steps. In short, it is a bridge between developers and marketers.

It transfers event and data towards Google analytics, extended eCommerce, and helps you to screen 3rd Party tags to understand how good your website is performing and where you need to make improvements.

Tag Manager

Using tag manager means no more need to change website codes. Whenever you need to change your tags, you just have to open the GTM dashboard and make the changes.

If you delegated your marketing part to an outsider company, you do not need to give access to your website database to them. So, it is secure, fast, and reliable for you.

Google Page Speed Insight

Have you recently built a fascinating website to start a blog or a business?

Spent weeks or months?

Spend a lot of money?

But, is it not fast as much as you wanted?

The solution is Google PageSpeed Insight.

I know that speeding up a website is not a piece of cake but not hard with this tool.

Google Page Speed Insight is another powerful tool by Google. It leads you to know how fast a particular web page is and what you need to do to make it smooth and fast.

It gives a quick report related to web page performance on any device such as mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Here we analyzed our website and what we saw is this.

Google Page Speed Insight

It scored very poorly on the Mobile version. So, we need to make favorable changes according to the requirements and suggestions.

Mobile Page Speed

But the website is working pretty well on the desktop version and got 80 out of 100. So now, we know where the errors are and what we need to do.

Desktop Mobile Speed

Thus, always keep in mind website speed while designing and developing it.

Note – Having a slow website leads to a higher bounce rate and ultimately affect organic ranking.

Google Keyword Planner

Within SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research is the primary task that one does. Without doing quality keyword research, you are going to the deepest part of the sea without an oxygen tank.

So, the question is, do you want more traffic?

If yes, then put more effort into keyword research.

Google put the power in your hands by giving this ravished tool. At the very starting, it was free but no more as it is mandatory to start a PPC campaign to get better features in it.

This tool has made for pay per click, but people use it for better SEO strategies.

Apart from that, if you are not aware of this lovely tool known as Keyword planner or using it, you are doing something wrong.

Keywords Planner is a tool that allows you to check traffic over a particular keyword of a specific country with its competition level. It offers related search terms, ad group ideas, keyword suggestions, and suggested bid for PPC.

For instance, according to Keyword Planner, a keyword like Dog Training has 10k to 100k traffic with the medium competition, whereas the suggested bid is 2.07 USD.

Search words and phrases that describe your business or blog, and you will get hundreds of results related to your query that would be most relevant. You may add filters as per your requirements and get what you want.

I agree with the fact that most digital marketers say it is no more relevant tool after hiding exact monthly search volumes. But do not worry, we have already put the best alternatives of Keyword planner.

Google Trends

Google Trends, a tool that allows you to know what people are searching for frequently within a small-time. Using this tool, you can easily change or rectify your marketing strategies.

You can compare search volume between two or more search terms with Google trend.

Let me share my personal experience with Google Trend.

It was summertime. I was working in the VPN industry for a company, and that company wanted to focus on keywords that others are not focusing on too much, or you can say the lowest competitive keywords.

I just searched best VPN website and got results with keywords like Best VPN for School and VPN service to access school internet and so on.

Then I checked traffic of the same keywords on Keyword planner and their alternative but got no traffic. Whereas it was showing “breakout” which means search term grew by more than 5000%.

Within Google trend, you get filters option location-wise, compare up to 5 queries, share the data with others, embed that data that works in real-time, and much more.

Now, something that I learned from the Google trend is that all keywords have no same traffic all the time. Two years back, I worked for an eCommerce website dealing with gifts, flowers, teddys, chocolates, and stuffs like that.

I searched the “Valentine Day gifts delivery” on keyword planner and SEMrush a few days before Valentine’s day and got the same traffic result that I had found at Christmas. But noticed a huge difference on “Google Trend”. There was no traffic in Christmas time over the keyword “Valentine’s Day gifts delivery” but breakout at valentine’s week.

And it is obvious that expect a few, no one is going to search any seasonal keyword all the time. So, always keep this in your mind.

Google Business

Before investing your time in Google Business or Google My Business which is commonly known as Google Listing, you should know about it.

GMB is best for Local SEO where their services are in a short area and having a Google listing is the best way to gain more visibility and according to Hootsuite, 70% of visitors love to connect with that business that has their local listing.

Google Business is creating your business profile on Google where you can put all the details regarding your business such as type of business or category, opening, and closing timing, upload business images, add posts, address, about yourself and allows your customers to put their reviews and much more. You can manage and optimize your business profile with GMB.

In other words, GMB’s free service allows you to make an online presence across the major search engine Google and gives you more than you never thought.

All the information you put in your GMB or Google My Business is a show on Google map as well so.

All you need to do to get a listing for your business is to create a profile on “Google My Business” and send a request to get it verified where it will take up to 12 days depends on your location to get a verification code via podcast.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Today, mobile is changing the whole world and the majority of the people have at least one mobile, and the world has been shifting from desktop to mobile as it is convenient and easily accessible.

According to the study, 60% of Google searches come from mobile.

You must have a website that has a good layout over mobile or should be mobile-friendly and to check the mobile-friendliness of your website, visit here

Having a mobile-friendly website means good search engine ranking and in past few years, Google has launched several algorithms for mobile version websites.

Your website should have responsive, easy to load, good structure alt tags, and much more. That is why the Google Mobile-friendly Test tool is really-really important for one who wants to get higher traffic through mobile.

So, how much you scored on Google mobile-friendly test?


How Can I forget SEMrush?

Without this tool, this list is incomplete.

So, what is SEMrush, and what we get from it?

SEMrush is a complete digital marketing toolkit and it is a tool that allows us to analyze a website’s traffic, competitors, backlinks, keywords traffic, can improve your web-page, and more. In short, it assists you to perform on-page SEO tasks and run SEO campaigns.

No problem, if you have either limited or limitless experience, SEMrush makes everything easy for you.

Is It Free or Paid?

SEMrush is available for free and paid but the major problem is it is too costly and with the free version, you can search up to 7 queries with one account.


  1. Check website performance
  2. Find valuable keywords
  3. Competitor analysis tool
  4. Backlink finder
  5. Traffic checker
  6. Position Tracking tool
  7. Domain Overview tool
  8. Display Advertising Reports
  9. URL Reports

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool that helps us to research a particular topic where anyone can add a keyword and get notified through “Gmail” whenever something new Google finds on their search engine.

Generally, I use it to track my competitors and it helps me a lot to know what kind of marketing strategies they are following.

For instance, let me take the same gifting industry example once again, I used to put all the keywords related to my competitors’ brand and whenever they publish something over the web and google crawled it, I get notified. That is how, I always am one step ahead of my competitors and know where they are publishing new content and which place, they are getting backlinks from.

Google provides multiple options to deliver notifications and filtrations so use it according to your needs.

While writing this part of the blog, I opened “Google Alerts” and found that I have already created an alert for my website with the keyword “XplorMedia”.

Don’t you think it is really good to track your competitors? I found it so late but not for those who just started working in the SEO world. So, use it and achieve your SEO goals.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool is another tool that belongs to Google that one should use to check web pages’ markup.

This tool is the creation to test, develop and rectify structured markups on your webpage and it helps to know Google bots about a page’s content such as whether it is related to reviews, food recipes, or any other. And this information generally uses to display your Search engine result and when I searched “Page FAQ Schema”, I got this.

The website that is marked in the image is using “PAGE FAQ schema” and the result in front of you.

Similarly, there are a lot of Structured Data Markups such as articles, reviews, Events, Movies, Products, and more.

A Quick Guide Over How To Use GSDTT

Suppose, you are selling movie tickets online.

All you have to do it, add Schema mark up for movies on a particular web-page, where Google loves “JSON-LD” and if you use JSON-ID it shows markup quickly on a search result and to confirm whether you put correct codes or not, use “Google Structured Data Testing Tool”.

I am not going to talk too much about this SEO tool because this tool is being “shut down” but I wanted to share something for beginners and in replace of it, Google has introduced “rich results”. I genuinely need to read and use this tool before writing anything over it as I had no clue about it. Maybe it is an upgraded version of the “Google Structured data testing tool” or something different. So, I sorry not to give you proper information about rich results”.

Google Disavow Tool

A Friend In Need A Friend Indeed, I assume that you’ve heard this line several times and this is the specialty of “Disavow tool”.

I know most of us to think that link penalties are outdated but believe me, it is not.

You can get penalized because of spammy links so you should always audit your backlinks and you can download your website’s backlink from various sources such as Google webmaster, Link Explorer, SEMrush, and many other tools.

I have used Disavow tool several times for our client’s websites who got penalized and wanted our help so this SEO tool is damn familiar with me and I genuinely love it as Disavow tool is part of backlinking.

On Twitter, I got following twits of random people talking about Disavow tool and links.

Whenever you feel some unnatural backlink then start auditing them as several times our competitors create them so we get panelised.

Now, the question is how can I find spammy, thin, or unnatural backlinks?

First, search on Google’s “Backlink checker” and use at least 8 to 10 websites (including Google webmaster) to get your website’s backlinks.

Categories them with Domain authority, language, spam score, and links that you haven’t created.

Make the first spreadsheet for websites from which you are getting link(s) that are different than your website’s language. Let say, your website is in English and you are getting links from Chinese websites.

You are going to Disavow almost every single backlink of the first sheet.

Now, with the help of the bulk domain authority checker tool, find DA of all websites and filter them from low to high, and put all the backlinks in the first spreadsheet which have lower domain authority than you or at least those which have the least domain authority.

Similarly, all disavow backlinks from spammy websites.

And disavow them all.

Google Lighthouse

A tool to check website’s performance made by Google using open-source. Audit your website’s Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice, and SEO.

Using this tool will help you to make your website better for a higher ranking.

Bing SEO Analyzer

I know when we talk about SEO, Google is the only one that comes into our mind but the truth is that Bing is doing really well and constantly trying to compete with Google (a search engine giant).

Getting higher ranking on Bing is much easier than Google as many of us just ignore Bing’s guidelines to get better ranking.

As you can see in the above Screen Short, I have got 132 users so ignoring Bing means losing your business.

Bing SEO Analyzer is the tool that helps you to collect the information or data of your website that can help you to rank higher on Bing. This tool will show you all the errors that might affect your ranking so using it will lead you to go to a better place.

Bing Markup Validator

Bing Markup Validator works similarly as Google Structured Data Testing Tool but for

To use this tool, log in to your webmaster dashboard and come to the “Diagnostics & Tools” section where you will find the Markup Validator tool.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

I have already given you basic information about the Keyword planner tool above under “Google keyword planner” so you can easily understand why Bing launched the “Bing Keyword Research Tool”.

Just like Google keyword planner, Bing keyword research tool gives you traffic, CPC, ad group ideas, and related keywords information for their search engine.

Bing Webmaster & Analytics

We all know well that Google is the only option for better search results but within few years Bing is working frequently on their search engine that is why they developed their webmaster and analytics. So, if you want to check your website’s traffic coming through Bing then you need this tool as well.

Moreover, I use the majority of Bing’s SEO tools to generate more traffic.

Bing Submit URLs

Google has removed this service a few years ago where you can submit your URL and let their bots know URL’s existence so they can crawl and index it. Similarly, you can send a request to crawl your URL with the help of “Bing submit URLs” and it will be indexed in no time on Bing.

Answer The Public

Content is king and we all accept this but the major question is on which topic should I write which has less competition and enough traffic?

Answer The Public, a tool that gives you numerous questions related to your query and helps you to get an insight into what people are searching on the internet.


Let’s read in detail.

We will start by searching the keyword “Web Hosting Company”

Where we’ve got 41 questions, 33 prepositions, 9 comparisons, 177 alphabetical, and 8 related results.

Following are some results that I’ve got by searching “Web Hosting Company

  1. What are web hosting companies?
  2. Web Hosting Company for sale
  3. Website hosting vs web hosting
  4. Web Hosting company list

And “177 alphabetical” keywords

So why is it helpful in SEO?

  1. Give you topics for your blogs and articles.
  2. You can use related results to put in rich content.
  3. It helps you in keyword research strategy.
  4. Identify long-tail keywords having more traffic with less competition.

In short, it is a gold mine where you find suggested results from major search engines i.e. Google and Bing.

Alternative –

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

From 99 USD to 999 USD, you can but this tool

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is one of the most powerful tools available online to make your SEO better and better day by day. It has a lot of filters that you may use to get better results but the thing is it is not for free and even for the trial version, you have to pay $7.

You get not only keyword suggestions for Google but also Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. It is accurate and gives better results than any other in the market place.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs is normally known as a backlink checker tool but it is a half-truth, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is the tool that gives you instance SEO metrics in one click, all you have to do is add the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar in your Chrome and Firefox and use it.

This tool allows you not to waste your time as you get all the things in one place.

It shows the following metrics.

  1. Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR)
  2. Ahrefs URL Rating (UR)
  3. Ahrefs Rank (AR)
  4. Number of backlinks
  5. Number of referring domains
  6. Estimated organic search traffic
  7. Number of ranking keywords

Not only this, you get instant on-Page SEO reports, broken links, word count, and a lot of great features.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

There is a Misconception that backlinks are no more beneficial to get a higher ranking but the truth is it is still a top priority for all. I agree with the concept of “content is king” but all we know that you cannot do anything without having rich backlinks. In this regard, Ahrefs Backlink Checker is the most powerful tool to check backlinks and According to Ahrefs, it is the second most active crawler after Google which is why it gives you a maximum number of backlinks in no time.

Several digital marketing experts like Brian Dean from Backlinko, Gael Breton from AuthorityHacker, and Michael King from iPullRank recommend using it.

Get a complete backlinks report and use various filters to get better links.

Keyword Surfer

I found this tool while researching for this article and I became a fan of it as it is free and works in real-time with no click. Once you install this Add-on in your browser, you get details in the following image.

You can get related keywords with their traffic in no time that makes it an essential SEO Tool.

Moreover, underpaid version of the surfer, you get 500 comparisons and analyses of factors of your webpage against top 10 ranking SERPs.

Following are the analyzing factors you can get with a surfer:

  1. Text Length
  2. Number of headings
  3. Number of Images
  4. Page Speed
  5. Keyword Density
  6. Partial Keyword Density
  7. Referring URLs
  8. Referring Domains
  9. Meta Tags Structure
  10. Etc.

Rank Math

I know many of you never heard of this beautiful tool because of lack of promotion.

Rank Math is one of the most significant, coolest & free WordPress plugins for SEO purposes which is quite similar to Yoast but an upgraded version. The only motto of the developers is to open access to the SEO tools that a website owner needs to improve their WordPress SEO.


SERP sim or Search engine result page simulator is a tool that shares how a particular webpage shows on Google’s SERP. whereas SERP refers to results that appear in the response of search query we do on a search engine like Bing, Google, or any other. This tool is helpful because Google and other search engines have a word limit of meta tags. It is a one-page website but helpful to know how your page would look on search results.

See below image;

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

It is a tool that helps you to generate schema markup in “Json LD”. If you are not a developer that it is a really helpful tool for you, all you have to do just follow the instructions and you will get your result in no time.

Take a look, how it works.

Visit the website by click here.

Select the type of schema markup you want to create.

In this case, we will create a “FAQ page schema mark-up”.

Add questions & answers, I have added only two questions & their answers but you can easily add as much as you want.

Copy the codes and paste them on the webpage wherever you want to make it appear.

And here is how it will be like


Alexa is provided by Amazon and a helpful tool to enhance your SEO quality. It helps to improve website traffic, search visibility, prioritize keywords, find & fix hidden issues, keyword analysis, and much more. In short, it is a one-stop solution for SEO developers.


I have used several backlink tools during my journey but it is the only tool that allows us to check 1000 backlinks for free pointing to a domain.

If you are getting a problem finding an email address then it will hunt for you in no time. Just type the website address and you will get email ID(s). Generally, I use this tool while doing guest posting.


Cloudflare is a free CDN type product that helps you to protect your website from DDoS attack mitigation and provide fast delivery of Internet content. It has 4 packages, Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise. You should try its free service to strengthen your website.


It is a free tool to analyze your website’s performance & speed. They summarize the web page’s report so you can optimize it accordingly.

Pingdom Tools: Website Speed Test

No one loves a slow website, Do you? I know no one means no one so Pingdom is the tool which helps you to analyze your website and gives you report related to your website. It gives services like website monitoring, uptime checking tool, server monitoring, RUM, and a lot more. In short, it is the best alternative to GTmetrix and maybe, to some extent, better than that.

They use 70 global polling locations so they can test and verify a website anytime.


Optimizing a website properly helps you to convert your visitors to clients and optimizing images will give allows you easy to load the website. Smush is a tool that provides you to optimize your WordPress website’s images in no time. It compresses, takes back-up, gives CDN & resizes images.

Smush scans all the images that you have uploaded and performs their work to provide a better solution. It can serve images in the WebP format.

Where Goes?

Where goes is the tool that helps to track all the URLs’ redirection. It shows you the entire path of redirects so you can assure you have put redirection code in the right way.

It is a boon for affiliate marketing where we can check whether our affiliate URL(s) is redirecting properly or not.

Robots.txt Generator Tool

Bots help search engines to crawl your web-pages and robots.txt file tells Google and other search engines which web page and file (PDs, image, content & more) you want to get crawled.

Search “Robots.txt file generator” and you can use any of the websites to generate your robots.txt file.


SERPTrends is an amazing extension for SEO developers where you will see position numbers and dynamics icons near each website in the SERP. I normally use this tool to compare my website’s ranking. I have searched “Best Hosting In India” on Google and got following results where we can see changes in ranking. Moreover, I don’t need to count my websites’ position.


Who doesn’t know this beautiful tool & its owner, Rand Fishkin & Gillian Muessig? Moz gives Keyword Research, rank tracking, on-page audit, link research & many other tools to improve your rankings & get more customers.

Improve your rankings and get more customers with Moz pro. Try it for free for 30 days. Discover the right keywords, find harmful technical issues, and track your rankings. Accurate volume estimates. 641 billion links indexed. Competitive reports. In short, it is all-in-one SEO software.

I don’t like Moz’s spam score tool because it shows how spammy our website is due to spammy backlinks but what if we disavow them through Google’s disavow tool? I have seen a lot of penalized websites with zero or low spam score and vice versa. After using disavow tool, we might get out of the penalty zone but how about Moz? It will show you a spam score before disavowing spammy backlinks. I have tweeted on this topic a while ago but got no answer (I think he was busy with something more important).


BuzzStream is an internet-based tool for the management of public relations. It helps the users for managing contacts, campaigns, tasks, email distributions, and a lot more. This is the kind of tool that will help in making email outreach efficient and easier. For achieving this, BuzzStream automates work involved with:

  1. Research Prospects.
  2. Email address finding.
  3. Follow-up mail sending.
  4. Reply rates tracking.

Another benefit is that all of the outreach can be done in one place. Therefore, instead of Gmail tabs and Excel spreadsheets, one can easily manage the entire link building in a single place. It is a good choice for large and mid-sized businesses.

Wayback Machine

Now, consider Wayback Machine as the digital archive library for the web. It had been founded by the Internet Archive that is San Francisco and is a no-profit library. It can allow the user for going back to the older times. This will help in analyzing the way the website looked in the past.

The founders had developed the Wayback Machine for offering universal access to any kind of knowledge that one needs. This is done through the preservation of archived copies that have a defunct web page. When this happens, there is an inclusion of hyperlinks as well, this shall keep the links active as-well and saves them from getting broken otherwise.


This is software for backlink strategies. You will be instantly building the backlink plan with the customization and this will work in reality for the SEO clients that you have. This can be done by the use of backlink data that are proven from the several links that point over the first ranked website for any niche.

The tool provides you with a plan that can be seen as “Fill up the blanks”. The tool is going to analyze the present backlinks and you will be then showed how the natural backlink profile will look on Google. Then you will also be given the anchor text for future links and you can match it to first ranked backlinking profiles.


YoastSEO remains a popular choice as it offers several features that are needed for the right website optimization. You get a complete SEO package that can outperform any other SEO plugins that you can go for. It is also amongst the top choice for experts for website traffic increase.

Talking about the ease to use Yoast makes everything simpler even for beginners. There are tutorials and messages with each of the options that also constitute comprehensive instructions that are integrated with the plugin itself. The best part is that you can get it for free, and one can easily get away without the need for a premium version at all, it is installed on every other website that we see.


Ubersuggest is also a free SEO tool that will help you with the generation of new keywords. The tool had been originally found for scraping the Google Suggest term. Ubersuggest has been now acquired by Neil Patel and since the time the features have been expanded significantly. The main feature that has been added is called keyword Ideas.

This is the best way for generating new keyword lists for your business niche. When we talk about the cost, Ubersuggest is cheap if you compare it with many SEO tools that we see in the market. You can also use the free version and the features will help you with bootstrapping. In case you do go for the SEO functionalities that advance, you will still not need to pay an insane amount for it and you will be able to make the most out of it.

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is a free online resource that will give you information on checking the backlinks. This also provides detailed information on the URL as you enter it in their given search box. Backlink Watch will provide you with data on the quantity and quality of your website and also the competitor’s website. Some of the best features are:

  • It’s free!
  • You don’t have to deal with a learning curve.
  • You can see anchor text.
  • It gives information on the page rank.
  • You get the information on the total outbound link over the page.
  • With every inbound link, there is a no-follow flag.

It’s perfect for marketers in analyzing the URL links.


BuzzSumo will be analyzing millions of content pieces for you and this makes it all-inclusive and strong data accessible for the business of any kind. You can get an insight into the type of content that has been working, why it works, and also the influencers that can easily amplify it.

In case you are a content creator or marketer, this is one feature that can be most useful for you. You will also be able to calculate ROI on the financial investment and the efforts you have put into content creation, marketing, and distribution. It will be a good tool for the analysis of social media as well.


MozCast is the experiment for tracking Google algorithm patterns in the form of what they call ‘weather’. While it’s seen that some of the big updates on Penguin and Panda do get much attention, Google has revealed that they had made around 516 modifications in the year 2010 and this is a pace that has continued since the time.

MozCast has been made in a manner that it will keep tracing everyday changes made on Google Algorithms. This can be a great way for improving marketing strategies. The major focus remains SEO and the tool helps with simplification. The brand also achieves this through varied education as well as the community.

Link Redirect Trace

You can now perform a comprehensive, advanced, and the most vital right analysis of redirects, links, and the Rel-Canonicals through the Link Redirect Trace extension. This will immensely help with the SEO analysis. There are some other ways through which this tool can help, for instance:

  • Finding extreme redirect chains. (Usually, WordPress generated).
  • Issues over SEO both on-page and off-page.
  • Improvement in the user experience. This will help in fixing the slow redirects with the use of redirect timings.
  • Observe the websites that had been visited via a short URL.

You will also be able to see the LRT Power as well as LRT Trust for each of the redirect hops.


SEOlyzer remains a popular log analyzer and crawler that you will be able to use for understanding how Google and other popular search engines look at your website. The tool will be useful for detecting errors and checking if the redirect is properly set.

You will also be able to monitor page speed and guide the search engines for crawling towards the important page first. SEOlyzer is in reality becoming the common practice among digital marketers. This is because it enhances and rectifies the business websites. There are several features like displaying links, keyword analysis, and information on meta-tag, responses, and title. A good tool for intensifying the website content.


SEOquake is a free plugin for your browser that provides you with organic research data at the click of a button. Currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera, SEOquake can provide parameters for listings within search engine results. Along with organic research data, SEOquake provides other useful tools including an SEO Audit, Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis, and even social metrics.

This free plugin allows you to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google Index, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Ranking data, Facebook likes, and much more. These metrics are all available to be shown directly from the SERPs so that you understand where each domain and landing page being displayed stand amongst each other.


This is a place where you can get website analytics and traffic intelligence on the same platform. SimilarWeb will help you in making a comparison of website performance and traffic. You can also analyze the strategies in this manner and enhance the market share. SimilarWeb is an intelligence company that has been used by businesses all over the world.

This includes some of the giants like United Airlines, Google, eBay, and Nike for discovering, deciding, and then deploying an effective digital strategy. Till now they have been able to raise $ 65 million and presently employ over 250 employees and have global offices across 8 countries and is among the fastest-growing companies of Europe.


WebPageTest is the tool that had been developed originally by AOL for their internal use. The software remains under development over GitHub and is periodically available for your downloads if you feel like running your instance. You get the online version over there .org website and is great for running over community performance benefits. Thousands of companies have been using it for testing the infrastructure across the world.

When we tested our website then we found following metrics.

In exchange for running the testing locations, the partners will be getting the logo associated with a specific location as well as a banner on their website. In case you have any queries or facing any issues over the website you can get in touch with their team.


In case you have a website or maintain one, it will be amazing if you are having frequent traffic that finds all of the information that they had been searching for from your website page. This s an online generator that’s free and simple to use. It will be perfect in case you need to instantly create a sitemap for your website of about 500 pages.

There is no need for registration either and the sitemap will be ready quickly. You just have to download the file of XML sitemap through the email and then you can put it over your website. Just enter the URL of the website and click on the ‘start’ button from their homepage.


Now Keyworddit is one of the very unique tools that can help you with the keywords by pulling them from Reddit. You just have to enter the subreddit and there will be comments and titles searched and you get a list of about 500 keywords. This will be perfect in case you aren’t aware of anything about your niche or a beginner to SEO.

For instance, if you have a fitness website, and you need to get information on the Keto diet that you don’t know anything about. Then you will get all of the information on people that are on the diet and what they need to know about like meal nutrition, produce, and recipes.


This is another SEO tool that will be useful for finding the keywords that are long-tail and have low competition levels. Some experts use it for finding great keywords and this is what makes it an amazing SEO tool. One can also get analysis reports over the website backlinks as well as SERP.

They also have a Rank Tracker feature that will help you for determining the ranking while there is tracking over the improvements depending on the key metrics. Additionally, you will also get hundreds of new ideas on keywords for making sure that your website can rank even higher. This way content can be made that’s keyword focused.


Siteline is a kind of SEO tool that will assist you with searching for the duplicate content of the website that you own. Now with duplicate content, we mean the content that’s similar to yours, and then Google will be penalizing the website.

You will be able to use this tool for complete website scans and discover broken links, page speed, and size, internal links on a page, and of course the duplicate content. Apart from that, this will also help compare the website with the average website that is checked through this tool and give you information on the place that you stand at and you can improve accordingly.


This certainly remains one of the most famous tools among digital marketers and content creators for checking plagiarism. It’s a copyright tool and is presently being used by thousands of people that own a website. Any duplicate content that exists presently online can be found out in an instant. Some tools support the common languages and alphabets across the world.

You just have to enter the content that you want to check and in a few seconds, you will be able to see if there is any copy done. The best part is the amazing customer support they have. This way you can keep yourself safe from any kind of penalties by Google and only post fresh content on your website.


Now, this is a one-stop-shop for a fast and completely free analysis of the website. This means you will get all of the information on the internal page, broken links as well as duplicate content. It will be creating the XML sitemaps. SitelIner will help you with exploring the website and give you information on some of the key issues that might be affecting the quality of the website.

With their ‘Site Quality’ feature you get a complete summary of the website and the ‘Page Result’ will offer detailed data for a specific page. We all know that broken links will decrease the visitor experience and Siteliner will be checking all links systematically for ensuring that there is proper functioning.

Google Web Dev

If you want to see how great your business website is performing this will be very helpful. You will also be able to get tips for enhancing the user experience when they visit your website. All you have to do is sign in with them for tracking your complete progress. Google Web Dev makes use of Lighthouse which is an automated, open-source tool when you analyze your website. This can be used for improving web page quality. The website will be auditing in the following categories:

  • Performance: Audits are done for metrics.
  • Best Practices: All of the HTTPS use and right media aspect ratios are seen here
  • SEO: Analysis is done for making sure the best practices are being followed for making your website discoverable.


Managing more than one social media account can be a challenging issue for you, and that’s the situation when Buffer comes in handy. With the help of Buffer, you would be able to manage your social networking accounts efficiently by providing you with features support like scheduling posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn too.

With the latest updates, you can even schedule Instagram stories. Not only that, it even helps you in analyzing the results and engaging with the Buffer community for better understanding and help.

You would be able to use this SEO tool on Android, iOS, and web pages.


Hootsuite is a high-quality and reliable social media management platform with the help of which you would be able to cover and manage almost every section of your social media accounts.

Hootsuite users would be able to curate their content, customize it, make changes in it, and schedule their posts too. One of the best additions that you notice in this SEO tool is, it comes with a team management feature, too, with the help of which you can manage your team members and measure the total growth within a particular amount of time.


Are you struggling with backlinks creation on your website? If yes, then Majestic is one such SEO tool that you need to know about. As with this tool’s help, you would be able to find the perfect websites for creating backlinks that will bring a targeted audience to your business.

While researching for backlinks through Majestic, you would be able to take advantage of information like the quality of links, visibility, and many more things. In case if you want to check the backlinks of your competitors or any other website, then again, this tool is going to be extremely helpful for you.


Nowadays, managing and enhancing your online presence through SEO tools and optimizations is an extremely challenging task, but not when dealing with Woorank. With the help of this tool, you would know about the rankings of the keywords you are using. Hence you can plan what keywords you should be using for better results.

It is a complete SEO check-up tool that will help you know about any missing factor-like Meta description, higher keyword density, or anything else. In case if there are some errors, then you can get real-time options to get them corrected.

Moz Local Check Business Listing

You all must have noticed that there are various local business listing checker tools online that offer you the wrong listing details mostly. If you are also in contact with one such tool, you should check out Moz Local Check Business Listing tool, which is an entirely free listing checker that can offer you results within seconds.

While starting with this tool, you need to fill in details like Country, Company name, Street and Number, and Postal code. Right after filling in these details, click on the Check Now button, and you would be able to get details within a few seconds.


There are many checkups that one needs to carry forward whenever they are working on the SEO of their website, but finding the right platform that works for you is difficult. Hence SEObility is the online SEO software to get amazing website optimization features like SEO checker, backlink checker, keyword checker, and more.

It can even help you with your website’s ranking, along with which it comes with a specialized text analyzing feature where you would have to put your keyword, link, and country name for analyzing your content.

The speed of your website plays a crucial role when your website is an effective source of your business’s targeted audience. Hence carrying forward daily checkups for the website is difficult. But makes everything look and feel amazingly easy.

In this tool, you need to add the URL of your website, and within a few seconds, you would be able to get the speed test results. If your website speed is slow, this software will offer you suggestions that will help you enhance your website speed.


Are you tired of using various SEO tools for different purposes to make your work more hectic? If yes, then Serpstat is the best available SEO tool online, as with the help of this tool, you would be able to take advantage of 20 different tools within one.

Users of Serpstat can carry forward keyword research, competitor research, backlink analysis, site audit, rank checker, and many more such useful tools. You can even use their API to create a high-quality search analytics tool that will help carry forward searches efficiently.

At last, you can get direct reports related to SEO and other such factors that can be extremely helpful for you.


After you have completed your SEO services on your website, then the next important thing is to crawl your website on the search engine. Although it is not a difficult task, most of the errors take place during crawling.

Hence, with Sitebulb software’s help, you would be able to carry forward the crawling process for your website in an error-free method. This software will thoroughly check out your website and will provide you suggestions based on your website’s health so that you can take advantage of easy crawling on search engines.


Mailchimp is the first email marketing software option that pops up in most people’s minds whenever trying to find a reliable and easy to use email marketing service for newsletters and other such services.

With this software’s help, you would be able to take advantage of high-quality geo-tracking, integrations for social media and google analytics. Moreover, within the free plan, you would be able to send up to 10,000 emails and keep a count of 2000 subscribers easily.

You can even get a clean and simple looking email template, although if you want to make some changes, then customization features are available too.


Mondovo is an all-in-one digital marketing tool with the help of which you can carry forward various practices like auditing, metrics, analysis, and more. There are a bunch of services offered by Mondovo software; some of those services are A/B testing, competitor analysis, Google Analytics integrations, mobile keywords, keyword research tool, content management, keyword rank checker, and more.

This tool offers you a free trial initially with the help of which you can know about how this tool works, and after that, you can pick the most appropriate paid plan for yourself.


Wordstream is a highly-effective online advertisement management tool with the help of which you would be able to manage Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, and more.

With this tool’s help, you would be able to make the advertisement process easier than ever. Finally, it also creates proper reports with the use of which you can know about how good your online ads are doing, and if you are facing any issue in managing your ads, then real-time suggestions will surely help you.


Finding a copyright-free image is a challenging task, moreover, in some cases, you can find copyright-free images, but the quality of an image is extremely low. If you want copyright-free images and that too with high-quality resolution, then Pixabay is a must-have tool.

With the help of Pixabay, you can get all type of copyright-free images, you just need to search for the type of image, and within a few seconds, you would be able to get the images to pick from.

Although the tool is free, it offers a paid version for better images with vast topics.


Figuring out an easy-to-use platform with the help of which you can get copyright-free images for various topics? If yes, then Pexels is the most appropriate option for you. With the help of this tool, you just need to search for the right keyword, and within some time, you would be able to get 100s of free options to choose from.

For better and relatable images, you can use their filtering system with the help of which the tool filters your searches and helps you pick up the right image option.


Grammar errors are considered the biggest problems that can occur while creating content for your website or blog. Hence, with the Grammarly tool’s help, you would be able to get rid of all such grammar errors efficiently.

Not only that, but Grammarly also helps you in checking the readability of your written content, with the use of which you can make your content easily readable for all your visitors.

Additionally, it offers you the support of a plagiarism detector with the help of which you can figure out if there is any copied content in your post or not.

Are you trying to know more about the personal details of a particular website, but unfortunately, you are unable to know about it? If you said yes, then is the tool you need to know about. As with the help of this tool, you just need to put the website URL in the tool, and within a few seconds, you would be able to get all the details about the website.

You can get website details like the name of the owner, service provider name, hosting service provider, date of buying the domain, website live till, and many more.

If you are trying to find a domain name for your business but you are not sure if the domain name is available or not, then how would you be able to know about that? Under that situation, comes in handy, as with the help of this tool, you would be able to know if you can buy a particular domain name or not.

Not only that, but it also helps you in knowing about the personal details of the person who has bought a domain name that you are trying to get. So that you can get in touch with them to make a deal over the domain name.


Whenever we create content, we should be adding pictures, or if we can, then we should try our best to put original screenshots in the content. Lightshot helps in providing the right information to the viewers.

With the help of the light shot tool, you would be able to take advantage of customized screenshot features. You can get a screenshot from anywhere easily; you just need to use the tool, click on the crop section, and take a screenshot.

Penguin tool

Keeping yourself updated about the Google algorithm updates is crucial whenever we are trying to rank our business on the top of the searches all the time. Here, we have a Penguin tool with the help of which we can know about every single update about google search engine algorithm.

Hence, we can keep ourselves updated to make changes in our content to be posted on websites. It is directly going to help us in enhancing the reach of our website along with better rankings.

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft’s digital marketing center is a highly-efficient tool offered by Microsoft to easily manage all our processes related to digital marketing and online presence.

With this tool’s help, we would be able to carry forward online paid searches that directly reach your targeted audience for a better response. Along with online ads, it can even offer you support for managing your social media accounts and developing ads directly from such platforms.