Content Writing Tools

In today’s world, people want to read unique content, provide solutions, tell stories, and create new experiences. That is why most bloggers, marketers, and writers are constantly focusing on making the content, which provides the values to the readers. There is no doubt that creating high-quality & engaging content, which people love to read, is the essential factor for a writer. For this, you can use the content writing tools like plagiarism checker to make 100% plagiarism-free content. They can make your work easy & simple and help you write well-researched and grammatical error-free content.

Best Content Writing Tools

Here are some of the content writing tools that can assist you in making the process of creating unique and high-quality content easier for you.

1 –

This one is a web-based content analysis tool through which you are able to create plagiarism-free content. You can check the duplication in your blogs, assignments, research papers, and website content with this amazing free plagiarism checker tool. Copy the document’s text to check for plagiarism, paste it into the scanning box of this online plagiarism detector, and click the “Check Plagiarism” button to start the scanning process. This online plagiarism checker analyzes the text deeply and generates a detailed report for the content you have checked.

2 – Typewrite

Typewrite is a content writing tool that allows the user to write more efficiently. The feature that makes it superior to others is formatting the text when you are typing without taking your hands off the keyboard. These techniques can help you a lot in saving your time at the time of creating content. So, you can make high-quality content with this amazing typewriter tool. The bonus feature of this content writing tool is its feature of saving different versions of your content to restore the current version with the previous when required.

The option of syncing your files with Dropbox is also available to facilitate its users, and you can also collaborate with different writers & editors in real-time. However, you need to verify the content copyrights by using the plagiarism checker tool when you are done with creating content with this fantastic tool

3 – Grammarly

Grammarly is undoubtedly a renowned platform for checking the grammar mistakes such as spellings, articles for grammar, and punctuation mistakes. You can consider this a valuable tool for proofreading and editing by yourself. The tool’s best feature is that it provides essential insights for the content, such as reading time, word count, readability, and vocabulary. With its subscription, you will also get access to its plagiarism remover tool so you can create unique and engaging content.

4 – The HOTH

The Hoth is considered the best content writing tool by most professional writers. The handy tool helps the user to search for the perfect headlines for articles, blogs, and research papers, so you don’t need to take stress to create high-quality headlines. The Hoth makes the process of making headlines for the textual content much easier & simple; all you have to do is insert the idea of the content into the tool. Also, mention the desired outcome of the audience along with the industry & name of an audience you wished to target. To meet the high-quality standards for the content, you should have to check for plagiarism by giving a try to the tool.

5 – Weava

Searching the data for content that you create is a vital & time-consuming part of content writing. Weava is the tool that can assist you in exploring the data efficiently. The tool allows you to search the material and highlights the vital information to use, and you can also add notes to it. You can organize your searched material for the articles in one place with this tool with ease. In particular collections, you can categorize the content highlights without wasting your precious time. The cloud syncing of Weava helps you to collaborate with your team members, so you can work together when you are at some distance.

6 – TitleCase

Title and headlines play an essential part to attract your targeted audience, and it has a special significance in creating high-quality content. The TitleCase helps you to capitalize the titles & headlines of the different publications appropriately. Whether you are creating content for a blog or magazine article, getting the perfect title for your articles is essential. It would be best if the headlines or titles of the content are free from plagiarism. So, you can get the assistance of a plagiarism checker tool to make copyright-free & high-quality titles for blogs. Well! titlecase helps you to capitalize the blog titles and headings automatically in different styles.

7 – DustBall

The dustball plagiarism remover tool has been serving content writers for the last 15 years. Copy the textual content you wished to check and paste it in the mentioned area of the tool to detect plagiarism. The website allows you to scan one thousand pieces of content per day, but it will ask you to pay some money to enjoy the advanced features if you exceed the scanning limit. The best thing is that it costs you just $8 per month and can be cancelled when you want at your convenience. Dustball also offers you to upload the text document or paste the content you wish to detect plagiarism.

8 – Ideaflip

An ideal Flip is an ideal tool for collaborating with your team when working on the same project to work together. Using the device, you can indulge in real-time brainstorming & interact with your team members easily. Ideaflip allows you to compose, clarify, and efficiently collect the idea. It also keeps you connected all the time across different devices. You can share other ideas and references with your team members with this fantastic tool to create good content. When you finish your work related to the content, use the plagiarism tool to detect plagiarism to make your content more powerful.

9 – Plagiarisma

The feature that makes the plagiarism checker tool different from others is that it supports more than 190 languages, which is a significant number to facilitate the users. If you desire to be fluent in creating content in multiple languages, this tool might be a beneficial option for you to consider. You need not pay money because plagiarisma is entirely free to use. This copyright checker does not store the content, which is pasted in the mentioned section for scanning the sourcing. You can take it as a bonus because you never want the work to be stored in the tool’s database.

10 – Draft

A Draft is an online tool used for content writing, which comes with extensive controls over multiple writing versions. You can easily make necessary edits to the content with its minimalistic design & its collaborating editing functions. It displays the required changes for the content and offers you to accept or reject them individually. The draft tool displays the two versions of the text document in side by side columns. If you want to restore the previous version of the text, it helps you do that. Must check the plagiarism by using the plagiarism checker to avoid the consequences of copyright violations.


The main topic of the discussion for this article is to discuss the best tools that can help content writers to make improvements in their content. Some of the tools mentioned in this guidepost help correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and some of them help you to create high quality and engaging content. Few tools are specially designed to search the data where some of them allow you in creating quality titles and heading for the articles.