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How to Use Video Marketing to Boost ECommerce Sales?

Several business owners in the e-commerce space are always looking for better ways to increase their sales, grow their business, and beat their competitors. The eCommerce industry isn’t just an online market that allows business owners to build brands online. It’s a booming and competitive industry that continues to flourish.

Whether running an e-commerce store for years or not, you must actively work to ensure your business thrives, stays competitive, and runs smoothly.

Most young people on the internet actively shop online. Taking advantage of different software solutions is a great way to stand out from competitors and convince prospects to choose your brand. Tools like transcription software increase the accessibility of your product videos and boost your overall brand performance.

With the different transcription software available in the market, you’ll easily find the perfect transcription solution to improve your website’s visitors’ experience, gain their trust and convert them to steady shoppers. That’s what business is about, making more sales and growing your brand.

In this article, we’ll explain what transcription software is and how it helps to boost your sales in your eCommerce store.

Let’s see why transcribing your YouTube video benefits your business.

Why Transcribe  YouTube Video to T?ext

Two billion people around the globe use YouTube.

Videos are the most engaging method of creating content, and YouTube enables you to design and upload amazing videos that captivate your viewers.

You can transcribe a youtube video to text to help viewers understand your video better. Plus, transcripts will be translated into several languages enabling a vast audience to access your content. Your potential customers who didn’t watch the video will read your transcripts—texts to understand how your product works.

Your product video is an integral part of your product marketing that shows off your products and how it functions. Your aim for creating a product video is so you’ll make potential customers trust your product and boost your sales. To achieve this, you’ll need to ensure your video is accessible and easy to understand.

It’s possible to create and upload a good product video on your Youtube page that shows your prospects the value of your product, and your site visitors may not watch them. Some website visitors are impatient, unable to hear, or prefer to read your product features rather than watching your product videos.

What is a Transcription Software?

Transcription software is Software that transforms a recorded or live audio or video speech into a readable text. In simpler terms, it converts voiced records to readable texts. Instead of manually listening and transcribing audio and videos, transcription tools transcribe recordings faster and more efficiently.

The Software uses speech recognition technology to create accurate transcripts for other purposes.

Here are some components of a good transcription software

1 – Precision: most transcription software is designed to generate accurate transcriptions. However, transcription tools’ accuracy differs and primarily depends on their machine learning models. Also, the quality of the record it’s to transcribe affects the transcript. Elements like background sounds, the microphone’s quality, and the speaker’s articulation also affect the result.

2 – Transcription Time: the transcription time frame depends on the recording and the Software. If a video is long, it will take a longer period to transcribe, and if it’s a short video, it’ll take a shorter time.

3 – Integrations: Before you choose a transcription software, confirm how it works with the app and website you use for your business, it is vital to test the Software to avoid spending extra on tools you won’t be using.

4 – Usability: It’s always best to choose a software solution that your team will be comfortable using. Imagine adopting transcription software that is difficult to navigate. Your employees will prefer to transcribe video content manually. Find a transcription solution that’s easy to use with a great user experience. Plus, users need to be able to navigate the Software’s UI with ease.

How Can Transcription Software Help To Boost Ecommerce Sales?

Transcription software allows you to create transcripts, video captions, and subtitles, which will affect your eCommerce website reach and boost your sales in many ways.

Here are some ways transcription software will help to boost your e-commerce sales.

Enhanced UX

When website visitors easily locate videos with keywords or watch videos with captions, it provides an excellent UX that improves user experience and viewer satisfaction since they can quickly scan and assimilate the video content.

Once your viewers are satisfied with your website’s UX, they get encouraged to shop from your store since you have already provided a great user experience. It will also make your viewers return to your site when they want to shop for the type of products you sell.

Grow Business

The eCommerce industry is constantly changing. Learn to take advantage of technology to increase the chances of your business success.
Innovative brands are finding better ways to connect with prospects and convert them to steady shoppers. Tools like transcription software help you to provide a great user experience for your views so you can quickly turn them into loyal customers before your competitors get to them.

Help In Hearing Customers Difficulties

As you create product videos for your online store, it’s crucial to ensure the video content is accessible to all kinds of viewers. Viewers with certain disabilities won’t understand videos without subtitles. When you include video transcripts, you accommodate all your video viewers and promote your brand reputation.

Many customers have hearing disabilities and won’t understand product videos, but with video captions and transcripts, they can easily understand any video.

To gain a broader customer base and guarantee more prospects understand your product, you’ll need to make your product adverts accessible to all kinds of customers, both those with special needs.

Attracts International Prospects For eCommerce Sale

Transcripts allow your e-commerce website to reach a broad audience that can shop from your website. E-commerce stores generally have customers around the world making purchases online.

You have the option of translating your video transcript into the different languages of your target customers.

Adding video transcripts makes your video accessible in the international market. It helps you eliminate language barriers and attract customers from different countries.

Aside from helping you connect better with customers, translating your subtitles into other languages allows you to include specific keywords in different languages, enabling it to rank so more international prospects can find your products.

Transcripts help to grab the attention of users who mute videos

Some people watch your product video without sound for different reasons; they watch from a public or quiet area or workplace.

You can’t afford your potential customers to watch your product features without understanding how your product works. It’s where video subtitles help your website videos.

More viewers prefer videos with captions. To increase your video engagement and convert more leads, you’ll need to make your videos easy to understand even when viewers mute the video sound. Viewers who understand your product features are more likely to shop from your store.

Reduces Costs And Boosts ROI

Ecommerce brands aim to reduce the costs of their business processes. Translation software allows them to make transcripts of their videos without spending on hiring transcriptionists.

It allows you to transcribe large videos in a short period accurately. Transcription software provides a high ROI as you’ll convert more leads that visit your eCommerce website or YouTube page.

Enhanced Video Search

Brands include transcription and video captions to make their videos easy to find.

Transcripts boost your video content searchability. Search engines and viewers find your content and increase your website traffic. When you provide transcripts, your website visitors will quickly see what they are searching for on your page.

Transcripts and video captions allow your customers to find videos with keywords without running through all the videos.

Boost Content Value

Depending on the video length, a single video sometimes is packed with value, and with transcripts, you’ll be able to recycle the video content into blog posts, landing page texts, etc that promote and explain product features.


Transcription software provides tons of benefits to eCommerce store owners.

Transcription software enables you to turn video and audio content into written content, produce different translations for your product video, include captions to your videos, connect with a broader audience and convert several video viewers to shoppers.

Connecting with many prospects is essential for your business. To reach a broad audience, you must make your video easy to understand, scan and assimilate for individuals with disabilities and those who speak different languages.