Importance of Meta Tags In SEO & How They Impact

Importance of Meta Tags In SEO & How They Impact

Thinking about SEO goes far beyond content and involves understanding structural elements of the strategy. It is an essential part of structural SEO strategy adopted by SEO experts of XplorMedia. So in this post we’ll show you what meta tags are and how they structurally impact your SEO strategy.

What Are The Benefits That Meta Tags Give To SEO?

In general, meta tags are elements that are relevant to any company’s SEO strategies, as they are important to the rankings and thus to the flow of visitors to your site.

However, not all of them provide effective results.

So, before deciding to implement them, it is necessary to know the functions and characteristics of each one of them, dedicating efforts only to those that really are aligned to your purposes of Search Engine Optimization.

What Are The Top Meta Tags For SEO?

#1. Meta Description Tag – <meta name=”description” content=”YOUR Description” />

The meta description tags are responsible for making a web page clickable – blue links that appear when you search for some information in the search engines. It is based on the description contained in this link that the user will be motivated to click or not to visit the page.

In this way, they need to be accurate, well-determined and that make it easy to locate the key information that the user is looking for. In terms of SEO, it’s the description meta tag that will increase the chances of your page being opened.

Also note that the meta description must be original: never duplicate or copy.

#2. Meta keywords Tag – <meta name=”keywords” content=”YOUR Keywords”>

Keyword meta tags have been used extensively for a number of years to help the search engine interpret the relevance of published content on the web, since its algorithms had difficulty performing this analysis efficiently.

However, webmasters realized that it was possible to achieve a good ranking by including in various keywords in the materials of their sites, regardless of whether they had some logical relationship to the essence of the content.

Today, meta keywords are very useful for discovering the keywords that the main competitors have employed to optimize their respective sites.

#3. Title Tag – <title>YOUR Meta Tag</title>

Among all types of meta tags, the title tag (also known as SEO title) is essential to your SEO strategy – they directly impact search rankings and, unlike other meta tags, are also visible to the user.

Title meta tags, as a rule, are displayed in the title of the search result, which appear in blue.

#4. Meta Robots Tag-

<Meta Name=”Robots” Content=”Noindex, Follow”>

<Meta Name=”Robots” Content=”Index, Nofollow”>

<Meta Name=”Robots” Content=”Noindex, Nofollow”>

With robots meta tags you have the ability to tell search engines what you want them to do with your page. You need to use some commands like Index / Noindex, Follow / Nofolow, Noarchive and Nosnippet.

Meta tags are an important tool for rankings as they make the searcher’s understanding of the content of your pages more understandable.